P7 Unit 6

Topics: Sociology, Social work, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 3 (1426 words) Published: April 20, 2015
P7: Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three health or social care sectors Within this assignment I will be discussing three different health or social care professionals and describing their roles are and also their responsibilities. Social worker

A social worker’s role is to help people with their issues and also their families, in order to help to adjust to the problems that are occurring throughout their lives. They most frequently work with those problems such as, child abuse, substance, abuse, mental illness, anti-social behaviour and many more. A social worker would specialise in a certain area and help a person with that certain situation. However, some people’s issues may be unchangeable therefore they help others to adjust to the situation and help them in order to accept that certain situations may not be able to be changed. Social workers usually work with the government in departments such as offices, clinics, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, businesses and many more. Being a social worker has numerous responsibilities entailed with the job which comes with helping others such as, preparing interviews with the service users and their families which enables them all to evaluate the situation, offering support through counselling, or group therapy to the service user and their family, ensure that the support offered enables the service user to lead their life as well as possible. Although a vital role within social work is to ensure the safety, security and well-being and caring for the service users and their families it also involves numerous responsibilities that are a legal requirement within social work such as, giving evidence when necessary in court for the person they are working with, writing accurate records of what has occurred and preparing reports for special meetings (this may possibly be court too), writing up assessments about the situation that meet the stated standards and is on a timescale,...
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