Unit 1 P6

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In this assignment, I will describe how external factors (political, legal, and social) are impacting upon the activities of a business. My chosen business is McDonalds and I will be explaining how the issues affect in both UK and India.

McDonalds - is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants. They mainly serve hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. They also have options such as salads, apples, milk, and Snack Wraps on the menu.

Legal Factors

These are the laws and regulations affecting the business. Some of the other factors may include: freedom of information, data protection, employment law and copyright etc.

UK and India’s Legal Factors

Health and safety – In the UK and India, the health and safety law is very important for each individual or employees especially in the workplace, to prevent injury, death and illness. This affects some businesses especially in India because they need to have all equipment for health and safety which will cost them a lot to fill it up.

Food Hygiene - In both countries, McDonalds has to be very hygienic in order for the business to stay open and successful. The impact of an unhygienic restaurant would be catastrophic for the company’s image.

Recruitment and Selection Law - All workers must be treated equally. For example In UK, you cannot dismiss a worker for being pregnant. There should be proper warning before dismissing a worker otherwise it will be treated as unfair dismissal. The Government makes it mandatory to have a written contract of employment. It contains the details of the wage rate; working hours, and other necessary details regarding working conditions. The National Minimum Wage in UK is currently £6.31 while in India; the minimum wage is 118 rupees per day or about £1.50 which is very low compare to UK. In contrast to the UK, India can employ individuals aged fewer than 16 and the child...
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