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Your CPD

You can provide evidence of your CPD by completing the following questions.

Part 1 Reflecting back

Q1 What do you consider were the three most important things (planned or unplanned) that you learned last year? Please also briefly describe how they were learned? 1
I learnt that I need a good set of qualifications to take me through life and achieve what I would like In life and without them that I would not be able to get the jobs that I would like.

I learnt that I definitely wanted to go to university and that the university I would like to go to is definitely Birmingham and that I will need to work extremely hard to get into this university.

I learnt exactly the path I would like to follow in life and the way I need to take it starting with going back to college, then to university then hopefully get a job as a young business manager in an expanding company because that is what I would like to do.

Q2 Please summarise the value you’ve added to your organisation/learning environment/clients/customers over the last 12 months through your professional development?

Ive added some grades into the equation as 12 months ago I hadn’t really got any job prospects and I was not at college. Now I have added the value to my educational environment because I am studying hard to achieve good grades to get into university.

Q3 What have been the tangible outcomes of your professional development over the last 12 months and what aspects of your work have changed as a result? Please give a brief explanation of why you’ve chosen to comment on these specific activities? The aspects that have changed over the past months have been my idea on life and my career, I now know exactly what I want to do in life and what I need to do and the development of this have helped me to work harder and work towards specific activities to help me obtain my dream job.

Q4 Who else has gained from your professional development and how? I think my friends and family have gained from my development because before this year I wasn’t exactly the best person but now I have changed and go to college, and now have a better outlook on things and I believe I have inspired some of my close friends and family.

Part 2 Moving forward

Q1 How do you identify your learning and professional development needs?

I Identify these needs by assessing the job role I want and then working on getting the areas of attention up to scratch because I need to work on these if I wish to be a business manager.

Q2 What are the three main areas or topics you wish to develop in the next 12 months and how will you achieve these? 1
I need to develop my presentation skills because that is crucial when aiming to be a business manager.

I need to develop my communication skills because that is really important if I am going to be a manager because I need to talk to my team

I need to be able to use computers to the highest possible spec so I would need to freshen up on my IT skills including spreadsheets, powerpoint etc because this is a very important part of business in this day and age.

Q3 What are the key differences that you plan to make to your role/organisation/clients/customers in the next 12 months? I plan to get a job as a manager and therefore this will make me need to involve myself massively in the company to make sure the company gains from this and therfore makes money and makes me a better manager than the average.

Q4 When will you next review your professional development needs? I will next review my development needs in a years time.
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