P2 Timeline

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1. 1800
Early 19th century the growing towns of Briton were characterized by overcrowded, poor housing, bad water and disease. This was because the population was growing and no one thought about hygiene this caused the towns to become very dirty and many diseases were spreading around in towns and more people were becoming ill and not being able to go work this caused many problems for the government.

2. 1834 poor law act
This law was designed to reduce the cost of looking after the poor people in the towns; it also stopped money going to poor people except in exceptional circumstances where the poor cannot work for important reasons. If people wanted help and money they had to go into a workhouse to get it, the poor were still given clothes and food in the work house in exchange of hours of manual labor every day. In the work house People had to wear uniform, follow strict rules and were on a bad diet of bread and watery soup. Conditions were made so terrible that only those people who desperately needed help would go there.

3. 1842
Edwin Chadwick argued that disease was the main reason for poverty and preventing disease will reduce the poverty rates in Britons towns, he did this to stop disease spreading around the towns and to reduce the poverty rates across Britain. Chadwick also argued that the laboring class could not work as well because of their poverty and poor health which can prevent them from working. Therefore he argued that improved health of the poor would directly benefit the nation as a whole. As more people will be able to work and this will help people in poverty to earn more.

4. 1848
Cholera epidemic put the government under pressure into doing something about prevention of disease through both public and individuals health measures. To make sure that cholera will stop spreading around and it was killing people. The two main acts that were passed to help prevent cholera were the public Health Act and the Nuisance Removal and Contagious Diseases Act. This helped to stop the cholera spreading around the country as the government wanted to stop the diseases from killing more people. AND

The first public health act caused the settings up of a board of health and gave towns the right to appoint a medical official; the act caused many changes that benefited people in poverty. The act focused on hygiene, housing, working conditions and medical care as they were the four main factors that were affecting the public health as a whole.

5. 1853
Vaccination against smallpox was made compulsory, The Smallpox Vaccination Act of 1853 ordered that vaccination for infants up to 3 months old was given. Smallpox was an airborne disease that killed 20% of victims and left very bad scarring on people who survived. Therefore the vaccination helped to save many lives and prevent the disease from spreading around. Many people were against the idea of the vaccination as it was a new idea and new science that many people were afraid to use. Parents who refused to vaccinate their children were fined as they were risked their children’s life.

6. 1875
A public health act enforced laws about slum clearance, provision sewers, clean water and removal of miasmas. This meant that streets were cleaned regularly and all clean water was provided this helped to prevent disease from spreading around. This improved the public’s health. The benefits of this law soon became clear to the public and by the late 19th century local councils were competing with each other to provide the best public health.

7. 1900
Energetic social reformers had comprehensively turned things around; Public health provision was completely transformed during the 19th century. Many factors such as Overcrowding, dirt, poverty and disease were all being solved and the public’s health was being improved. By the 1900s energetic social reformers had changed many things that caused diseases and solved...
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