Oxidation and Reduction Reactions: the Reactions of Copper

Topics: Copper, Sulfuric acid, Zinc Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Week 10: Oxidation and Reduction Reactions: The Reactions of Copper Data:
Part I: Preparing a solution of copper (II) nitrate
Initial mass of copper wire: .520g
Mass of copper wire after vigorously scouring: .518g
Observations of Copper (II) ribbon mixed with HNO3: Solution turned green. Thick brown gas formed. Copper (II) bubbled vigorously. Cu (II) dissolved, solution appeared green/blue. After the addition of H2O a blue crusty precipitate formed. Part II: Synthesis of solid copper (II) hydroxide

Observations of Copper (II) nitrate when added to sodium hydroxide: a precipitate formed. The precipitate was cloudy and turned dark. Part III: Formation of Copper oxide
Observations of Copper (II) hydroxide when heated: Copper (II) hydroxide when heated turned very dark. It turned dark blue and had black specks floating around in the solution. After being heated for a time the aqueous solution turned gray and a black precipitate was formed. Part IV: Formation of copper (II) sulfate

Observations of copper (II) oxide when reacted with 6mL of 3 Moles of Sulfuric acid: the black precipitate disappeared. The resulting solution turned blue Part V: Formation of copper metal
Weight of Zn added: 1.107g
*The professor also added some mossy Zinc. Weight unknown.
Observations of copper (II) sulfate when 1.107g of Zinc was added: The solution turned from blue to cloudy dark blue-ish. With continued stirring it turned a dark red-brown. The reaction was not happening properly, so the professor added a small pinch of mossy Zinc. Part VI: Recovery of copper metal

Weight of dry casserole dish: 59.608g
Weight of cooled casserole dish with dried copper metal: 60.645g
Weight of Copper metal: 1.037g
Data Analysis:
I: Balanced Chemical Reactions
1. Formation of copper nitrate from copper wire using concentrated nitric acid:
Cu(s) + HNO3(aq) = Cu(NO3)2 + NO2 + H2O(l) +
2. Reaction of copper nitrate and sodium...
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