Physical and Chemical Changes Lab

Topics: Chemistry, Periodic table, Chemical reaction Pages: 4 (501 words) Published: October 16, 2014

Purpose or Objectives: Observe several changes in matter and write questions concerning the properties of the samples.

Data Table:

1. Write at least ten questions that you would like answered about this experiment.

1. What is the identity of Crystal “X”, Liquid “Y”, and Liquid “Z”? 2. Why were the colors different when Crystal “X” was added to Liquid “Y”, but when they were mixed it turned from green to blue? 3. Why did the metal foil turn brownish red once added to Crystal “X” and Liquid “Y” solution? 4. Were Liquid “X” and Liquid “Y” the same liquid?

5.What chemical reaction happened that made vapor during the combination of metal foil and Liquid “Z”? 6. What made the liquid turn darker in the combination of metal foil and Crystal “X” and Liquid “Y” solution? 7. What made up Crystal “X”?

8. Is Crystal “X” even a crystal?
9. What’s in metal foil that made it react to both the solution of Crystal “X” and Liquid “Y” and also Liquid “Z”? 10. What was this lab trying to teach us?

2. Write “educated guess” answers to your questions.

1. I believe that both Liquid “Y” and “Z” were both types of some type of alcohol and that Crystal “X” is an element from the periodic table. 2. The stirring furthered the reaction so it changed more towards blue as it was mixed. 3. The Crystal “X” and Liquid “Y” solution seem to have had a chemical reaction that seemed to peel off the outer layer of the foil showing one of the inner layers. 4. It is difficult to tell since they both have the same appearance and we weren’t able to see if Liquid “Y” had a reaction with the metal foil by itself. 5. Once the foil started reacting the bubbles released a vapor caused from the reaction. 6. I believe that the residue from the foil changed the color of the Crystal “X” and Liquid “Y” solution. 7. Crystal “X” was either a element or a compound.

8. It’s hard to tell since we do not the composition of Crystal “X”. From appearance it doesn’t seem to be a...
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