Owner vs. Steward

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Owner vs. Stewart
Owner vs. Steward in the Kingdom Being the owner means that it belongs to you. Its yours. You have all rights to it. There are no limitations on what you decide to do or not to do with it. You are in full control of your possessions, regardless of how much you have. You are faithful to what is yours. You rule over it. It is your Lord. And nothing or no-one can take it from you. A owner knows all commands all and administers all. A owner makes all the decision on your life, your finances, your well being, your past. Present and your future. Now being a steward you have to understand that you are just a manager of the affairs of the master, with the best interest of the master in mind, the steward knows that the master will return and settle all accounts for which they are responsible. A steward doesn’t own anything. For every beast of the field is mine. And the cattle on a thousand hills. know all the birds of the mountains, and the wild beast of the fields are Mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you: For the world is Mine, and all it’s fullness. -Psalms 50: 10-12.If you take away the servant/master relationship from the idea of stewardship then you take away obedience and put sovereignty in the hands of the steward. As a steward you don’t have a say so over things that don’t belong to you. Being good steward is impossible to do unless you have the proper perspective about the things in your life. Being a steward you have to be careful about your desires to be rich! Even money doesn’t belong to you. Therefore in order to be a good steward you must never view money as a end in itself, but merely as a resource used to accomplish goal and obligation as outlined by God. A good steward has it’s rewards. God promises that if we are faithful stewards over what we have, God will reward us to be stewards over more things. (Matthew 25:23). So understanding the two we can go on to prosper in the Kingdom.
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