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Wilfred Owen focuses on the experience of war through the eyes of a solider. By providing a first hand experience he is able to share and construct a reality of war that is crebible and rich in experience. Although war can be a froigen subject to many Owen illustrates its reality to life for the reader through and intense focus on the human expeirnces of fear and pain. Owen then goes on to build this reality by exploring the natrual human reaction to thes experiences, which provides insight to the despertion of these soliders. And finally Owen captures war by illustrating the everlasting effects war had on veterans. By bringing an acute focus to the aftermath of war Owen elicits feelings of guilt, helplessness and inhumanity from his readers. Owen brings the reality of war to life for the reader through an intense focus on the human experiences of fear pain and grief. Physical pain was inevitable during the time of war, howver Owens magnification of the human experience expresses that suffering can stretch far beyond the physicality’s. a single still photo can provide insight of wars physical damage, but because Owen constructs a far more interpersonal experience exploring the mental pain and anguish of these solders, it has a far mor powerful effect. Truama was exaughsted when “once an hour a bullet missed its aim” Here owen paints a picture of isolation for us, an idea that regardless whether the bullet hits or misses a solider, they would still endure an immense amount of suffering. As a result the readers feel uncomfortable and shamed as they realise that suffering can also lie within the fear of suffering itself, and therefore the “misses teased the hungar of his brain” consequently owen is constructing for his readers a reality of war through communicating experiences of the mind rather than simply the body, and as a result shapes wars utter monstrosities. Own then goes on to build this reality but exploring the human reaction to these experiences. In poems such as Insesnibilty owen expresses the dehumazing effect war has when the physical and mental pain becomes unbearable. He states ''Happy are men who yet before they are killed can let their veins run cold.'' Owen endources that the solider is better off having no feelings or emtions during war and the survival of war can only be achieved through the suppression of some feeling. Owen exemplifies the menstresity of death and that it was truley everywhere, as if “the alleys cobbeled with their brothers” therefore being desensitized is a blessing for these soliders. Readers enhance there understanding of war and its reality throughs owen confrontation . the desperation in their behaviour provides some inishgt to the horrendous conditions of war. Owen is able enhance his reality of war for the readers by contrasting a firsthand experience with misconception and propaganda. The glorification of war was vital for recruitment. Through powens such as smile, smile, smile, the readers are able to engage with the techniques of propaganda. As if it was a blessing to go to war as expressed in diabled when “he was drafted out with drums and cheers” Owen explores false idea of war by allighing it with a boy who had a “blood-smear down his leg, after the matches, carried shoulder high” owne creates a vivid image for the readers of a football player who was recognised as a hero. To these men it wasn’t just a game of football but so too a game of popularity. By junxtaposing present with the past it puts greater emphasis on the treadgey and we therefore, with a heighten understanding are able to mourn the naievity and ignorance of these children. “someone said he would look like a god in kilt” and so “that’s why” “smiling” they signed his name. not only does this position the reader to feel frustrated but also adds some justification to why so many would go to war if it was as horrify as owen paints it to be. In addition Owens representation of war is seen as credible and in turn all the more confronting for his readers.

Owen captures war by illustrating the everlasting effects war had on veterans. By bringing an acute focus to the aftermath of war Owen elicits feelings of guilt, helplessness and inhumanity from his readers. Poems such as disabled and mental case paint not only the reality of war, but the reality of its effect. “he sat in a wheeled chair…legless, sewn short at elbow” here owen the sheer inhumanity of being confined to wheel chair of the rest of his solders life, with a body physically half there, but a mind that’s healthy and whole. In addition these men once had “an artist for his silly face” meaning these men were once attractive, and full of youth. Owen suggests what a waste for these attractive men to “throw away their knees” and focuses on everlasting effect its going to have one their life. ther readers above all feel guilty and confrtonted at thought of how much these men suffered. The notion of dehumanisation is introduced back into Owens work as girls now would “touch him like some queer diseases” as if these men were abnormal and rather than phrase the men they were resplused. Owen illustrates the reality of war and its impact war on lives by expressing that the torture and pain of war doesn’t not stay at the battlefield but rather follows then home and continues to haunt them for the rest of their lifes. In conclusion owen provides a confrtoning and genuine reality of war through is poems. As he draws his attention to its mass inhumanity and all the torture these men endlugled. A feeling of injustice and inhumanity is given as the readers are psotion to critise the government and feel guilty as owen experessed the quality of life was not hugely imporved at the returning of these soliders. As a whole owens work illustrates the suffering. And revlease the behind all the propaganda at the core of war is suffering.

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