Overview of Lectures and Tutorials at the School of Business and Economics Loughborough University

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School of Business and Economics
Loughborough University
Module 13ECP104Semesters 1 and 2
This Module Guide is available on the Learn Server.

Semester 1
Lectures and Tutorials:Fridays (detailed timetable on pages 9 and 10 of this guide) Lecturer & Tutor 1:Dr Lawrence A. Leger
Sir Richard Morris Building: Room BE 2.14
Email L.A.Leger@lboro.ac.uk
Telephone 222716
Office Hours:Mondays 09.30-11.30 (all wks), 14.30-15.30 (except wk 7).
Tuesdays 09.30-10.30 (except wk 7).
I am not available after week 7 except through email.
Otherwise by email appointment
Tutor 2:Paraskevi Katsiampa (Vivian)
Sir Richard Morris Building: Room BE
Email P.Katsiampa@lboro.ac.uk
Office Hours:TBA
Otherwise by email appointment
Tutor 3:Dr Marjahan Begum
Sir Richard Morris Building: Room BE
Email M.Begum@lboro.ac.uk
Office Hours:TBA
Otherwise by email appointment

Semester 2
Tutorials:TBA (Scheduled for individual groups)

Transferable Skills
This module gives you the opportunity to develop skills that have very considerable value for both research and employment. These include:
Note-taking and analysis of papers
Working in teams
Using English language (oral and written)
Literature search
Making oral presentations
Formulating proposals for new research.
Reviewing published literature by constructive synthesis
Overview of Lectures and Tutorials
The module consists of lectures and tutorials, plus an assessed oral coursework presentation in week 1 of semester 2. One lecture will give advice on assessed coursework assignments. Lectures
The lectures will be used to introduce you to literature review skills, literature search and the dangers of plagiarism. They will also introduce the tutorial tasks, provide general feedback on presentations and give ‘best practice’ examples of presentations. You will be required to rely on your own notes and on the reading sets given out in class. No lecture notes or additional hand-outs will be provided (note-taking is part of the skills-acquisition process). Tutorials

You will be given a variety of tasks on literature search and literature review that you will undertake individually and in small work-groups (3 or 4 workgroups per tutorial). These tasks will be based on three reading sets. Reading Sets 1 and 2 will be used in semester 1 while a specialist reading set will be used in semester 2. The tutorial tasks will help with the coursework assignments. You must present the results of your group work in the tutorials. Feedback on presentations will be given by video (online) and verbally. You must submit non-presented tutorial tasks for group-work assessment. Semesters 1 and 2, reading sets 1 and 2: these reading sets will be given out in lecture 1. The tasks assigned to these reading sets are intended to give you general training in literature review skills. Semester 2, specialist reading sets: These reading sets introduce you to essential material for your summer research training. You will be asked to indicate your preferred specialist topic and you will be assigned to both a topic and its associated summer research training group early in semester 2. We will try to assign you to the topic you most prefer but this may not always be possible. The summer research training is by Research Practice Seminars (RPS for specialist MSc) or Assessed Research Practice (ARP for generalist MSc). English Language Classes

All speakers of non-native English with an IELTS score (or equivalent) of less than 7.5 must attend 15 hours of compulsory English language classes (the schedule is available on the Learn Server). These classes use the module material as a basis for language work. Module Structure

This is a module with an emphasis is on active learning, or ‘learning-by-doing’. Lecture and Tutorial Overview
Semester 1

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