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ABDM 3313

2DBF, 2DBU, 2DEM, 2DFI, 2DHR, 2DIN, 2DLM, 2DMK & 2DRM (Semester 3)



Assignment Requirements

A) Topic of presentation

This is the sole coursework for this module and is weighted at 40% of the entire course. It is a Group assignment, 60 marks is allotted for the individual component and 40 marks for group work.

Coursework (40%) –Group Assignment

Each group of students in the tutorial class is required to select ONE of the following industries as the group Business Plan:

1. Food and beverage
2. Education
3. Computer/IT
4. Tourism
5. Clothing/Apparel
6. Others (subject to approval by lecturer or tutor)

B) Deliverables
Due date of assignment is on week 5. Each team is to present their findings during tutorials (Tutorial 10, 11&12). Dates will be allocated by drawing lots.

1) Written Assignment (FORM A)

1.Based on the selected industry, students are required to write a business plan.

2.Students are required to form groups consisting of 4-5 members for the purpose of this assignment.

3.Students are required to register their selected industry with their respective tutors by the 4th tutorial class (week 2).

4.Submission date of business plan: (week 5, tutorial 10) DURING TUTORIAL. Penalty for late submission: 50% of the coursework marks will be deducted.

5.The report shall be submitted in hard and soft copy (DVD/CD).

Cover page should include;
College name, course, code and title, business plan title, students’ name(s)& index no., programme, tutors name and submission date.

The project paper must be typed and stapled to be submitted to respective tutors on the date of presentation.

Format of documentation includes;
▪ Font Type: Times New Roman.
▪ Font Size: 12 pts.
▪ Line Spacing: 1.5 line spacing.
▪ Sample of presentation material to be attached (appendix). ▪ Reference list MUST follow the Harvard Standard Referencing System. ▪ Proper citation is to be provided in the body of the written assignment. ▪ Appendix is to be used to attach graphs, diagrams, figures, and other findings. ▪ Maximum 15 pages, minimum 12 pages, including introduction and conclusion/summary.

2) Team work
• Each group must present their findings during their scheduled time and date of presentation. • Each team will be graded for teamwork, professionalism, synergy, overall flow and organisation of the report (Form B).

3) Presentation (FORM B)
• Each group is allotted 20 minutes for Presentation.
• Marks will be deducted for any presentation which ends before 18 minutes. • Marks will be deducted for any presentation exceeding 22 minutes. • All members are to present their own work on the day of presentation. • Dress code: Formal (as how you would dress for an interview).

Submission and Administrative Information

▪ Plagiarism is NOT acceptable. It should not exceed 20% of safeassign check in Cel. Representation of another person's work as your own, without acknowledgement of the source, for the purpose of satisfying formal assessment requirements is considered plagiarism. ▪ Projects which are found to be plagiarised will be given a 0 (zero) marks.

Late Submission
▪ All submissions must be made on the presentation dates. If the work is submitted after this time it will be given a 0 (zero) marks. ▪ Students who are absent for the presentation without any medical certificate (M.C.) certified by the School of Business Studies (SBS) office or without informing the tutor in advance will be given a 0 (zero) marks.




References: should be the latest (2008 and onwards) and use the Harvard referencing format.
d. Plagiarism in all forms will not be tolerated.
e. Due date of assignment is on week 4, tutorial 8
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