Fundamentals of a Basic Manicure: Guide and Pre-Assessment Questions

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Home Economics I
Beauty Care
Module 3: Basic Designs in Manicure
Quarter 1: Basic Manicure

Manicure services are given to both male and female customers.

EXPLORE Your Understanding

Hello ! Welcome .Do you want to be like the person who is doing the manicure in the picture? You can become one, because in this module,you will learn the basic concepts and principles of Basic Manicure . With a little practice and the right materials you can become a professional manicurist.

In this module, you will learn how manicure came about and its fundamentals. To help you achieve good and healthy nails,you will also learn about the nails, its shapes, parts, and disorder or illness. It is important to know the uses/functions of implements,supplies and materials used in manicure.Moreover, you will learn to prepare a project plan. Knowing the step-by-step procedure in giving a manicure and the basic manicure designs and hand massage will enable you to give a professional manicure. You will also learn how to prepare and interpret details of a job order. After every lesson, you are provided a simple test for you to answer. After finishing all the activities in this module, you will be able to find job opportunities in the world of work as manicurist or you can be self-employed by providing home services . 1

Guide Questions:
(These guide questions will help you understandand the content of the module.You may answer them tentatively in your notebook).
 Why do you need to understand the basic concepts and principles underlying the process and delivery in basic manicure?
 What are the basic concepts and principles underlying the process and delivery in basic manicure ?
 Is manicuring service profitable?
 What qualifications must you have to become a manicurist?  Can you create a new design base on the basic manicuring designs?  What are the different services that you can give based on basic manicure?  What are your preferences in selecting nail polish? Is it branded or cheaper ones?

Before studying this module, take the pre-assessment to find out what you already know about the lesson.Let’s see how well you know manicuring as a service.
Activity 1
Directions: Choose your best answer ; Write the letters only on your answer sheet. 1.

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment given to the
a. hands
c. feet
b. hands and fingernails
d. all of the above

2. How often should a manicure be given?
a. At least once a week
c. Twice a month
b. Every month
d. Everyday
3. Which is not a qualification of a good manicurist?
a.Ability to give a good manicure in a systematic and efficient manner b.Ability to care for the patron’s manicuring problem.
c.Ability to recognize nail disorders which may be treated and diseases that should be referred to a physician.
d.Ability to buy things beyond her needs
4. The part of the nail that lies underneath most of the nail plate and is a continuation of the skin around the nail.
a. nail bed
c. matrix
b. nail plate
d. lunula


5. This shape provides the maximum support for the nail.
a. Round
c. Pointed
b. Square
d. Oval
6. These surround and support the nail plate on all 3 sides. a. Nail folds
c. Nail bed
b. Cuticles
d. Matrix
7. In this condition, the nail cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed, resulting in inflammation and possibly infection.
a. Hangnails
c. Tinea
b. Ingrown nails
d. Ram horn nail
8. This is a kind of nail disorder in which growth of horny epithelium occurs. a. Onychia
c. Paronychia
b, Onychophosis
d. Koilonychia
9. An implement that is use to loosen cuticle
a. orangewoodstick
c. Cuticle pusher
b. nail buffer
d. Nail brush
10. It is a liquid product applied before the liquid nail polish a. top coat
c. Base coat
b. nail dryers
d. Nail bleaches
11. The first step in doing a manicure is
a. shaping nails
c. trimming the cuticle
b. cleaning...

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