output devices

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Output devices are things we use to get information OUT of a computer. Here are some examples of output devices:-
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The most common computer output device is the monitor or computer screen. Monitors create a visual display from processed data that users can view. They come in a variety of screen sizes and visual resolutions. There are two types of computer monitors, CRT and flat panel. CRT monitors use phosphorescent dots to create the pixels that make up display images. Flat panel monitors usually use LCD or plasma to create output. Light is passed through liquid crystals to create the pixels. All monitors rely on a video card that is located on the computer motherboard or in a special expansion slot. The video card processes the computer data into image details that the monitors can display. Printer

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Printers produce a hard copy version of processed data such as documents and photographs. The computer sends the image data to the printer, which then physically recreates the image onto an object. There are three types of computer printers: ink jet, laser and dot matrix. Inkjet printers spray tiny dots of ink on a surface to create an image. Laser printers use toner drums that roll through magnetized pigment and then transfer the pigment to a surface. Dot matrix printers use a print head to imbed images on a surface, using an ink ribbon. There are also colour printers which help to improve the appearance of a document or project.

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Computers produce audio data that require output devices such as speakers and headphones to deliver the sound to the user. Audio data is created by the computer and then sent to the audio card, which is located in an expansion slot. The card translates the data into audio signals, which are sent to the audio output device. CD/DVD/Floppy Disc...
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