Outline the Three General Network Topologies

Topics: Network topology, Star network, Ring network Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 11, 2009
Outline the three general network topologies (bus, ring, and star). Describe the components, devices, and arrangement of components and devices involved in each topology, as well as some of the pros and cons of each configuration.

A bus network topology has the set up in which all the devices are connected by a common shared cable called the bus. The bus architecture has several common instances which include the one in the motherboard, (of most computers) and some with the versions of the Ethernet. It is also commonly known as the ‘backbone’. Some of the advantages of the bus network topology are as follows: •It is easy to implement and extend

It is well suited for temporary or small networks not requiring high speeds (quick setups) •Faults with the cable are easily identified
The bus topology is less expensive than other topologies •Only a single cable is used making it cost effective

Some of the disadvantages of the bus network topology are as follows: •The bus topology works best with a limited number of nodes •Limited cable length and number of stations
Proper termination is always required, the loop must be closed in path •If there is a problem with the main cable, the entire network will go down •Maintenance cost are high in the duration
When additional devices are added or with heavy traffic, the performance degrades •The bus is slower than other topologies

The ring topology network is where each node (device) connects to exactly two other nodes (devices) which form one single continuous pathway. The data will travel from node to node (device to device), as each node (device) handles all information as it is passed.

Some of the advantages of the ring network topology are as follows: •With heavy network load the ring performs better than the star topology •Does not need the network server to manage the connections between the nodes (devices) •Orderly network, allows each node (device) access to transmit data Some of the...
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