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Topics: Family, Sociology, Student Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Whether Young Generation Are More Self-concerned?(2003)
Our society is becoming more individualistic, which makes young generation pay more attention to themselves, but they, especially university students, still contribute a lot to our society. Introduction:

Compared with previous generation, young people nowadays are indeed concerned more with their own needs and wants. However, this does not mean that they have become more selfish and indifferent towards other people and things happening in our society. As far as I’m concerned, young people are making great contributions to our country.

Main ideaⅠ:
Our society is more individualistic
Sub ideaⅠ:
Young people tend to be the only child in the family, thus making it impossible for them to learn to share with others. Sub idea Ⅱ:
A three-member family is common in our society nowadays, and people no longer prefer living in siheyuan, where grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters live together. The consequence is that young generation haven’t learnt getting along with the elderly and the peer. Sub idea Ⅲ:

With the opening of China, people, especially the young are influenced a lot by foreign cultures, like American culture. Therefore, they tend to be more individualistic.

Main idea Ⅱ:
Young people, especially university students, still contribute a lot to our society. Sub idea Ⅰ:
Statistics show that there are three university students in every five volunteers in our country. They play an important role in volunteering work. Sub idea Ⅱ:
More students, after furthering study abroad, tend to go back to our country or their hometown to devote themselves in order to make our country stronger and better. Sub idea Ⅲ:
Things like joining the army, donating blood or money etc. are insignificant, but most of the people do these are young generation.

It’s true that young people are more self-centered, but they are as responsible and willing...
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