The society demands - young people

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: September 19, 2014
I have chosen the topic “The society’s demands - the young people”, since I have personal interest in it. Furthermore, I do think that the society is making more and more high demands to young people. You have to write about yourself already in fourth grade about possible future education. In the schooltime, there are held many meetings with schoolteacher, where they are talking about the child – does it function in the technical AND the social part? It’s no longer enough to read, reckon and write – you have to function socially, be responsible, independent, have opinions and other kind of personal qualities. Many young people have a feeling that they have to deliver the unique, that they have to stand out as something special and be different from other young people. Seems to me, that it’s quite a lot of pressure – this pressure comes usually from themselves but also from the society. Some young people make safe choices about education – they take for example an education as an office employee or anything else, where there is a great opportunity to get work. Other young people chose something not so safely like becoming an actor or a sport athlete. At this point we do often hear the politicians talk about, that you have to have a plan B or C – in other words, to have an education to fall back on, if it doesn’t succeed. But what is success? The answer varies depending on which person you ask. You can have success in education – like, getting good grades. Some people chose a life with business career over family. Those who are doing that often get children very late in life – or never. Here is the working life simply so important, that there is no time to have a family. But they have still success – just with work. Others have success with a family and some have a life with both business and family. I think that life is a lot about success – in all possible ways. Success is also having a partner/family, steady economy, a working day, good look, good friends – a...
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