Outline of Lucid Dreaming

Topics: Dreaming, Dream, Rapid eye movement sleep Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: May 14, 2014

Lucid Dreaming

Specific Purpose: I will inform my audience about what lucid dreaming is and how to accomplish it. Central Idea: What lucid dreaming is, reasons to lucid dream, and ways you can accomplish lucid dreaming. INTRODUCTION

I. (Attention Grabber) How many of you have had a dream where you are flying? Even blind people have dreams like that. It is a known fact that 1/3 of are lives are spent sleeping. When we sleep, we don't really do anything. What if there is a way to make our sleep more exciting. Now that is my topic for today, lucid dreaming. II. (Reveal Topic) Today I’m going to share with you what lucid dreaming is, why you should lucid dream, and ways you can accomplish lucid dreaming. III. (Credibility Statement) Going to give a real-life situation in which I have encountered lucid dreaming. IV. (Relevancy Statement) Because all of you sleep and dream a lot, the information that I am about to tell you will help you to accomplish lucid dreaming. V. (Preview) Lucid dreaming requires a lot of time, patience, self-control, and imagination.

TRANSITION: Let’s start with a solid definition of what lucid dreaming is. BODY
I. (Main Point 1) According to the Lucidity Institute, a significant figure in dream research, defines lucid dreaming as, “Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.” A lucid dream is not a typical dream. (Internal Preview) To lucid dream you must understand what it really is before you can even give it a try. A. (Sub-Point 1) In order to lucid dream you must understand that a lucid dream is not a typical dream. 1. (SSP 1) In a lucid dream, there is clear knowledge that the dreamer, is in a dream. In lucid dreams you are able to remember waking life. You can also acknowledge that you are in a dream, sometimes you are able to control or manipulate the dream to certain degrees. a. (SSSP 1) Imagine you are flying in the air, but you are able to look at the clouds and see the ground below, feel the...

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