Our Story : Shaketeaholic Is a Philippine Homegrown Concept Founded and Managed by Its Owners. It All Started Year 2013 When the Owner Wished to Introduce a Milk Tea Drink in Mabalacat City , Along with Filipino Style

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Our Story :
Shaketeaholic is a Philippine homegrown concept founded and managed by its owners. It all started year 2013 when the owner wished to introduce a milk tea drink in Mabalacat City , along with Filipino style ambiance. The name SHAKETEAHOLIC is derived from the drink to represent us that we specialize in producing milk tea shake served with the best bubbles (pearls) and toppings.

Many people especially students and workers would look forward for buying a cup of refreshing drink after a long hard day of studying, working and playing rather than buying a food that will lessen their hunger.

Now SHAKETEAHOLIC are giving Mabalacat City consumers something new to chew after swallowing – something gummy and sweet called pearl or sago.

Shaketeaholic found a surprisingly large following when they discovered that milk tea has a huge market potential and it is a trendy product. And to give our product a twist, we gave our customers a variety of choices when it comes in choosing their toppings, and aside from buying the usual milk tea, we will make the simple Milk tea into a Refreshing and Flavorful milk tea SHAKE.

Shaketeaholic offers variety of flavors like melon, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, ube. At Shaketeaholic we only used fresh quality ingredients that have no preservatives added, as we associate ourselves with world class brands from Taiwan, so it’s really healthy because many people now are getting into health benefits if milk, tea and pearl which some studies show that it may help fight cancer.
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