Food and Herbal Products

Topics: Food, Sugar, Honey Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The Problem
In the rapid development of our present generation on how a certain raw material produces different food and herbal products that can be processed, satisfies the needs of every human being to fill their stomach. Time after time, many food and herbal products have been developed and commercially valuable to stop health risks. The existence of this processed products does not ensure every consumers healthy lifestyle. Through continuous study and research related to producing high quality food and herbal products using unique raw material, we come up with these aratilis that are full of vitamins and minerals which is not harmful to humans. In our study on aratilis shows the importance of utilizing the fruit and leaves of aratilis to reduce waste in the raw material itself. “Tea has been historically promoted for having a variety of positive health benefits. Tea is likely originated in China during the Shang Dynasty as a medicinal drink. It was first introduced to Portuguese priests and merchants in China during the 16th century. It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.”1 There are two options to consume tea as a beverage : tea in boiling water and tea in tea bags .Comparing this two, tea in boiling water needs so much time and effort to prepare while tea in tea bags which is a product of research offers less effort and time to enjoy it in a more convenient way. “Although second to coffee in commercial value, tea ranks first as the most popular beverage in the world.”2 “Fruit preserves are preparations of fruits, vegetables and sugar, often canned or sealed for long-term storage. The preparation of fruit preserves today often involves adding commercial or natural pectin as a gelling agent, although sugar or honey may be used, as well. In the US, the term "jam" refers to a product made of whole fruit cut into pieces or crushed then heated with water and sugar to activate its pectin before being put into...
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