Our Iceberd Is Melting

Topics: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Marketing Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Glance Watch operates its company including three domestic markets in the Merica region, and one foreign market in Pandau. The company runs business based on consumer interaction and product development research such as economic, political, social environment, life style and technology innovation. In Merica, there are no limits imposed on monetary exchange or the entry of foreign funds into the country. The government encourages incentives to attract investors to their area such as tax break, direct loans and loan guarantees. Besides, the country has skilled, highly educated workforce, approximately 25% college educated and or seeking higher learning. With a population of 260 million, nearly 3⁄4 living in suburban areas and income levels in the range of $35,000 annually, Merica provides a population with marketability for premium quality products that Glance Watches is planning to target. Technological advances mark Merica as the world headliner in industrialization and innovation, which Glance Watch can use as a strategy to create and promote the most modern qualities of product within the market. Besides Merica, Pandau is also a potential market for Glance Watches to expand the company brand and market share. This is because of its high population and high standard of living increasing at a rate 2.3%-- one of the highest in the world; Pandau is an attractive area for potential consumers and market presence. In term of technology, Pandau is still developing due to foreign investment in the recent years. In addition, Pandau encourages exports by deducing in income tax calculations, exemptions from excise taxes for materials and components imported for the purpose of manufacturing exports and tax breaks such as double deductions for promotion of exports.

In additional, changes in direct competitors will influence the competitive strategy of the business unit, such as the development of new products by competitors such as Company 1 is producing a range of...
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