Success in Luxury Watch Positioning of Breitling Watches

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Success in Luxury Watch Positioning of Breitling Watches

Breitling is a Swiss family business set up in 1884. This company has been providing high-technical watches for professionals in fields where need precise chronographs, especially aviation. Throughout more than 100 years,this company remains its competitive priority in Swiss watch brands. This contributes to its independent development in manufacture, as well as the characters of its instruments, say sturdiness, precision, and distinguished performance. Apart from this, this success of brand in recent rears mainly because properly analysis of marketing mix and appropriate choice of positioning. Concentrating on a delicate and luxury watch business, this company has detected the changes in market circumstances, and innovated to expand distribution channel and range of segmentation.

This paper aims to analysis the successful positioning of Breitling watches from aspects of marketing mix. Initially,this essay will present general situation Breitling is confronted with, followed by the positioning. Furthermore, the analysis of the 4Ps of marketing mix, including product, price, place and promotion, will be focused on. In this part, marketing tactics and comparisons between the competitors and collaborators are developed to demonstrate Breitling’s fulfillment.

Situation and Positioning of Breitling

External environment change is essential to market decision-making process. Recent growth of economic and technology indicates three changes in positioning of Breitling: the developing technology, involving competition, and changing of customer needs in watch market. This company sensed this change of situation, and successfully modified its strategic market planning and marketing tactics. Developing of technology impacts product innovation, production and administration in distribution channels. Breitling kept optimizing the accuracy of chronographs and apply this technology to wristwatches. With the

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