Our Gas Station

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Xavier Manappallil
Narrative Remembering essay

Our Gas Station

Almost 10 years ago, my dad put some money into a share for a gas station to help my uncle out. So I guess it's our family business and in whatever way we can help, we should help out. My grandfather works there like every day and some times he needs help with carrying things. I come with him to the store and once we get to our gas station, I arrange everything in the little storage room with my grandfather's help. I know both my grandfathers as hardworking people but since my other grandfather from my father's side lives in India, I'm not there to see it. I see how dedicated my grandfather who lives here is when he shows up to the gas station each morning. Each day to relax, he tries to get some of his friends together to play card games.

One month my uncle needed to go to India so he asked me if I can help run the gas station with my grandfather. The gas station also needed an extra cashier to run things so I agreed to be one. I worked from Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 2p.m. I remember not liking waking up that early and I didn't have my own car so I had to get a ride with my uncle, who left his house around 5a.m. So then I had to wake up even earlier. The only things I liked about the job was that I wouldn't get taxed, I got paid in cash. Another good thing about the job was that my uncle told me that I can eat anything from the store but eating the products is bad for the store. I didn't think about whether it was bad for the store or not. I just kept eating. I think I got fat from eating so much junk food.

It's the summer of 2009 and a bright sunny morning. I arrive an hour late to the gas station that I work at. Whenever I work, I always have to help my grandfather with filling the coolers with drink. I'm going straight to the point, it's a horrible day at work todays. Today right when I arrive in for work, I have no customers so I...
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