Parking Lot

Topics: Education, University, College Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: December 12, 2006
There is a new proposal going around the school stating that every student in the school will have to maintain a B average or higher in all of his/her classes, if they don't do that their parking privileges will be revoked. This proposal will help lots of the kids in school because it would make them work hard throughout the year and other years ahead. Students will be working harder because they wouldn't want to take the bus to school or back home if he/she had a license. Furthermore, the kids would recapture the strength and motivation that they have not been able to withhold academically. Improving the students working ability will be one of the main concerns in this proposal. Making the student a better student in the upcoming years would make the proposal solid. If the student were to have a B average or higher, his/her chances of getting a scholarship would increase. Becoming better than they ever anticipated to be would be a great advantage in the future. Now a day, colleges and businesses want people to be well educated and motivated to work hard. Although some kids some students aren't able to maintain a B average in all his her classes. This proposal will motivate them to thrive for that parking spot in the school parking lot. They know how important it is to have a parking spot in school. This proposal will help children in the school to become a well-rounded student, and they would be on the top of the list to almost every college. Plus, there parking privilege wouldn't be taken away from them.
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