Othello: Iago's Soliloquy

Topics: Devil, Theology, God Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Iago’s Soliloquy
* “Divinity of hell!” (370)

* Divinity is a god or goddess. So he is referring to the God of hell, Satan. * Theology of the devil= he is saying that him being regarded as a villain for trying to lead Cassio the right way would be an argument that only Satan could do. * This is because Iago personally thinks he is doing the correct thing towards leading Cassio. Which sounds convincing and tempting to follow, but behind Iago is has planned the moves against Cassio.

* When devils will the blackest sins put on,/ They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,/ As I do now.”(371-373)

* When devils will urge the worst of sins, firstly they will have good, honest appearances as I am doing now * Iago is saying that in order for his cruel plan to be successful he has to appear sincere in front of others so he won’t lose their trust while he carries out his will.

* I will turn her virtue into pitch (380)
* This quote was taken from Iago’s soliloquy.
* In this quote Iago is talking about Desdemona and says that he will make her good character, good intentions (of helping Iago get his position back talking to Othello) to be a failure. Because Othello’s confidence on her will be questioned. * So Iago is planning to make her polite intent to turn into something very bad. He is referring to pitch which is the black sticky liquid from coal or petroleum. That substance is used for waterproof and paving. * He uses this metaphor because from a good thing is making something else that looks uglier, worse. I AM NOT REALLY SURE ABOUT WHAT ELSE I COULD SAY FOR THIS LAST ONE… IF U HAVE ANY SUGGESTION, UR FREE TO ADD.. ahaha grazie Gio
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