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The Otaku
Otaku is a Japanese word which refers to people with obsessive interests, generally the anime and manga fandom; Manga refers to Japanese comic books whilst anime are the animated productions of manga. The name otaku, is well-known around the world and can range from children to teenagers and even adults. Most of the people who watch anime or read manga are just regular people that go to work or school and need something to relax. On the other hand, an Otaku is a person who obsesses over anime or manga. The obsession comes in different forms, integrating with other hobbies such as costume play, photography, poster, doll and figurine collection or even maybe a business. Generally for ladies, shopping means going to buy clothes, handbags, shoes and other accessories; on the contrary, an otaku goes shopping for dolls, figurines, posters and other merchandises to add to their vast collection. Collecting based on anime, manga and game character, is a popular hobby amongst otaku. Moreover, these eager collectors will brave through rain or shine to queue overnight outside shops in order to get their hands on new release products. In addition, the price range vary hundreds to thousands, depending on the size and quality. Due to the fact that it is costly to collect, fanatics are willing to starve or work long hours in order to afford the hobby. However, this is not something to be shocked about especially when the figurines are lifelike. It is fascinating to talk to one of these individuals and find out how much they have actually spent.

Costume play, or in short "cosplay", is an art where participants wear costumes and accessories to role-play. Expressing adoration for a character is one of the main purpose why some otaku are passionate about cosplaying. Favourite sources where otaku get their ideas from includes manga, anime, comic books, video games and films. The most common form of presenting a cosplay is making and wearing a costume to a fans...
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