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Components of Orthodontist
An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in correcting crooked teeth and treating facial alignment using methods such as braces, retainers and headgear. The position requires further education and training than general dentistry, and according to PayScale.com, it pays from $90,000 to $164,848 per year in the United States, as of 2009. Orthodontists are very skilled workers when it comes to straightening teeth because “A winning smile is related to job and personal respect” (Ferguson 41). Orthodontics started around the 1880s when two men, Norman W. Kingsley and J. N. Farrar, wrote books on teeth alignment and having surgery on the mouth to have straight teeth. These two men were granted the name of The Fathers of Orthodontics. Orthodontics is the medical field of dentistry that deals with preventing or correcting irregularities in the teeth. Mitchel Cohen points out that “In dentistry or orthodontics, a millimeter can be a major mistake. There’s no ‘oops’ when working with a patient” (1). Orthodontics is a serious job task so to become an orthodontist there will be training upon training because straitening a patient’s teeth is permanent. An orthodontist without training can ruin a person’s mouth for life and lose the job. Studies show that people with straightened teeth are more attractive and have a better chance of getting jobs because it shows that they care about there hygiene. All that lies in the hand of the orthodontist so that means the orthodontist have to have the education, skill, training, and the knowledge of the tools. Orthodontist must have a bachelors or a master’s degree in dentistry/orthodontics, after college orthodontist in training must go to a two year dentistry where they will be put to the test and get the proper training they need to be able to open their own office. They all so need the money to open their office and to buy the utilities and tools. Last thing they need to know is the knowledge of the tools because they need to know how to properly sterilize the tools and use the tools. "We're not aware of any information that indicates using a toothbrush without sterilizing it causes disease transmission or prolongs disease."(Cliff Whall). Many orthodontists must be high-caliber professionals possessing degrees or certificates from accredited colleges or technical schools. They must also have a valid and current state license with at least 1 year of dental experience and completion of an Orthodontic residency program.

In order to become an orthodontist, students need to complete four years of dental school. Subjects in dental school include anatomy, physiology and microbiology, as well as classes that are more specific to orthodontics, like dental anatomy, pediatric dentistry and dental materials. Dental students learn in classrooms but also gain practical experience treating patients in clinics during their last two years of study. In order to practice, all orthodontists must be licensed by their state. To receive a dental license, candidates must graduate from an accredited dental school, successfully complete the written National Board Dental Examinations and pass state clinical tests. After becoming a licensed dentist, aspiring orthodontists may choose to be certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (www.americanboardortho.com). Board certification may help practitioners demonstrate their expertise in orthodontics to patients and peers. In order to become certified, candidates must pass both written and clinical exams. To keep their credentials current, certified orthodontist must be recertified every ten years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that job opportunities for dentists would increase 21% between 2010 and 2020 (www.bls.gov). This increase may be due to the growing number of people needing dental services. The BLS noted that orthodontists earned average annual...
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