Organizational Culture Inventory of L'Occitane

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The organization being discussed is L’Occitane, the French company, which is one of the most successful businesses in the world. L’Occitane means “Women from Occitana.” The company was found in 1976 by Oliver Baussan in Provence, France. L’Occitane is well-known for natural beauty products that never tested on animals. Overall, most of the products in L’Occitane are made out of 86% natural ingredients. However, some of the new products are made out of 96% natural ingredients and were certified by Ecocert. Ecocert is an organic certification organization in France that certifies food products, beauty care, and perfume…etc. The brand value of L’Occitane are “Authenticity and Naturalness,” “Effectiveness and Pleasure,” and “Respect and Responsibility.” L’Occitane has e-commerce, wholesale to department stores such as Nordstrom and Sephora, mail-order (, and business to business (B2B) businesses. As one of the financial supporters of Orbis (an international non-governmental organization that fights blindness in developing countries through training, prevention, and care), most of their products have Braille labeling since 1996, so that the visually impaired can have access to them, and in English so that is understood by more consumers. Now, L’Occitane has become a global brand, has more than 700 shops in 70 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. There are 170 shops in the United States included outlets stores. L’Occitane employed more than 2,200 people and maintaining retail boutiques and franchises across the world. Current Culture

According to the Organizational Culture Inventory, the primary style of L’Occitane is approval, dependent, competitive, and perfectionistic. L’Occitane is a retail company that sells high-end beauty products. We have to avoid any conflict either between the employees or with the customers. As a sales associate, we have to contact the store manager or the district manager if there are some issues or situations that beyond our job duties or the company policies. We always told the all the decisions were made by the superiors. In addition, sales associates tended to be the dependent on overall work performance. The assistant store managers are less dependent because they could do more than 50% job duties of the store managers’ depends on how dependent and idle the store managers are. Retail businesses are always competitive for the employees. For example, a sales associate would receive more hours to work for in a week based on how well she did on her sales. She could get a raise on her salary if she makes her sales goals based on the yearly performance. Sometimes, there are some unfair assistant store managers or store managers would steal other associates’ sales. The stores that did not make their goals for the day will be questioned by the district manager on the next day morning. As you see, retail business is quite a stressful job to work for. The stores always have to look perfect, cleaned, and neat at all times. In order to avoid receiving any negative feedbacks from the secret shoppers and complaints from the corporate, the openers are required to clean the testers when the stores get slower and less traffic, as the closers are required to dust or mop the floor before they leave the stores. There are times when the company sent some secret shoppers and corporate to visit the stores, all associates must wear the appropriate outfits and the stores have to be dustless and stainless. The secondary style is self-actualizing. Everyone have different opinions for working in their stores. Some associates hate their stores and some love it. I get along with my store managers and other associates. Each of us tried to push the sales by add-on more products to the customers in a friendly with no pressure way. The store that I worked at is in Pleasanton from D volume to a C volume. As you see, the teamwork...

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