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Topics: Management, Leadership, Transactional leadership Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Leadership style – Executive A
Executive A has clear characteristics of a Level 5 leader. Humility and will are the two characteristics of a Level 5 leader that are most prominent and Executive A is described as fiercely ambitious, yet one who shy’s from attention, gives credit for success to other leaders and accepts responsibility for mistakes and poor results. Executive A’s will is displayed in his ability to turn the company from less than good to great. He placed his focus on the success of the company and continues to develop leaders who are strong and can contribute and reap in the success of the company. A Level 5 leader focuses on setting up successors, instilling the same standards of building a great company. Executive A takes pride in developing strong leaders, thereby channeling ambition into the company which is a Level 5 characteristic. Leadership style – Executive B

Executive B’s leadership style is Transactional. A Transactional leader sets clear objectives and goals for the followers and uses of either punishments or rewards in order to encourage compliance with these goals. Executive B has established clear goals and provides guidance towards these goals. Executive B believes a delegated task is the responsibility of the one it was delegated to and holds that person accountable to that task. If the task was completed successfully, the employee is recognized, if not, the employee is disciplined. A Transactional leader will intervene only when necessary, which is to guide, reward or punish. Executive B manages by guiding, rewarding or issuing punishment. Leadership style – Executive C

Executive C’s leadership style is Transformational. Transformational leaders focus on followers, motivating and inspiring them to perform high, while helping followers develop their own leadership potential. Executive C believes people can achieve great success when they are inspired and passionate about a vision. Transformational leaders are...
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