Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion Paper

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APRIL 12, 2010
Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion
In this paper Learning Team B compares and contrasts the different organizations of each of its team members. The team is made up of six students, each of which is employed by a different organization. It was with a collaborative effort that this group was able to discuss and analyze these organizations. The individual companies and business environments that were addressed in the learning team discussions include; a correctional facility, a variety of organizations that provide some form of health care or medical service, a retail store, an insurance company, and one member of Team B is employed at home as a homemaker/student. Team B participated in discussions and analyzed the organizational behaviors of each organization within their group. The purpose of this paper is to provide that analysis that describes some of the internal and external forces that have an impact on organizational behaviors. Team B intends to present an explanation summarizing the findings of the Learning Team discussions. The paper includes an analysis of the following internal and external forces: Restructuring

Organizational Mission
Customer Demands
The following are personal descriptions of internal and external forces that impact organizational behavior within the organizations of each individual member of Learning Team B. Restructuring

Restructuring, or rearranging, of an organization can turn a company upside- down and leave employees in a state of shock. This particular external force can have a huge impact on the organizational behaviors of any organization from a medical clinic to a correctional facility. It is customary for a company under restructure to use layoffs or reduce full-time positions to part-time to decrease the costs of employment. Another possible change made by a company trying to survive after downsizing could be to obtain lower employee wages. This could be done by moving the business to a facility in another state or country. For any number of reasons, a company may choose to move only part of its organization during the restructure. For example, a business’ medical records department holds confidential information regarding its employees. With this in mind, the restructuring team may want to select an outside source to perform medical records services during the restructure. This will ensure the confidentiality of its employees and safeguard their personal information. Understanding organizational behaviors brought on by internal and external forces is important for everyone involved whether it is an insurance company, a retail store, or a home health care agency. There is little known about the safety and health risks to workers who face or survive episodes of downsizing, or the effects of downsizing and outsourcing on the capacity of organizations to provide occupational health services and programs for workers {text:bibliography-mark} . Therefore, it is highly recommended that personnel meetings be scheduled to address the questions and concerns of a company’s remaining employees. Organizational Mission

The organizational mission of the medical team at the Pendleton Prison System Department of Corrections provides inmate rehabilitation and medical care. The mission of the medical team at Pendleton is to reduce unnecessary morbidity and mortality and protect public health by providing patient-inmate timely access to safe, efficient medical care, dental, and disability programs. The mission statement of an organization affects the organizational behavior within the company by providing direction to each person’s duties within the company. Although the organizations of the members of Team B are significantly different in size and function, the impact of their organizational mission directly...

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