Organizational Behavior and Sexual Harassment.

Topics: Knowledge management, Management, Tacit knowledge Pages: 8 (2187 words) Published: January 16, 2010

Research paper

Westminster International College


05 October 2009

Group Members:

Muhamed Abdilahi Osman G0915067
Ernad Helic G0918235 Nurhida Septarina Harahap G0819260 Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan G0196859 Wesam Saeed Hasab Alah G0917355


|Westminster International College is a division of the London School of Commerce (UK) Group of Colleges. Westminster International College | | |(WIC) is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, the premier educational hub of Malaysia. WIC has been conducting numerous programs in Business | | |at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level with global affiliations. | |

Our aim is to meet your goal of obtaining internationally recognized high quality education, at affordable fees. We will provide you with the right tools of critical thinking and study skills which will enable you to continue your studies at our London campus or at any other international campuses in the U.K, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

Westminster International College is proud of its distinguished teaching quality. As a division of the London School of Commerce (UK) Group of Colleges, all courses conducted at the Westminster International College, Malaysia, will go through the same stringent quality control procedures as practiced by the universities in the United Kingdom. Students who successfully complete the programme in Westminster International College, Malaysia will be given first preference and are guaranteed admission in the London School of Commerce and its Group of Colleges at a discounted fee. |[pic|UK Honours degree at very affordable fees | |] | | |[pic|Truly international experience | |] | | |[pic|Students come from 38 countries | |] | | |[pic|Student exchange programme | |] | | |[pic|Internationally recognised qualifications | |] | | |[pic|Scholarships for Masters degree* | |] | | |[pic|Most competitive pathway for a UK degree | |] | | |[pic|3 intakes a year...
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