Organizational Behavior

Topics: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Psychology Pages: 5 (1722 words) Published: August 4, 2013
1. Organizational Behavior: Organizational behavior (OB) is defined as the systematic study and application of knowledge about how individuals and groups act within the organizations where they work. Survey: Surveys are one of the primary methods management researchers use to learn about OB. A basic survey involves asking individuals to respond to a number of questions. The questions can be open-ended or close-ended Field Studies: Field studies are also effective ways to learn about what is truly going on within organizations. There are survey field studies like the one above, but more compelling evidence comes from field studies that employ an experimental design. Laboratory Studies: Researchers may conduct a lab study in which one group is assigned one condition and the other group is assigned the control condition. They give the researcher a great deal of control over the environment they are studying but do so in a less “realistic” way, since they are not studying real employees in real work settings. Case Studies: Case studies are in-depth descriptions of a single industry or company. Case writers typically employ a systematic approach to gathering data and explaining an event or situation in great detail. Meta-Analysis: Meta-analysis is a technique used by researchers to summarize what other researchers have found on a given topic. This analysis is based on taking observed correlations from multiple studies, weighting them by the number of observations in each study, and finding out if, overall, the effect holds or not.

2. Zhenyi Shen: As we all know, an important feature of market economy is full of competition, and competition in the final analysis is people and people competition, it is the quality of competition, in other words, it is a person's psychological activity and behavior of the competition. As a result, a significant characteristic of modern enterprise management is the "people-centered" management. With the progress of social civilization, with the progress of social civilization, people seem to be important. If an enterprise staff quality is not good, or the employee's enthusiasm not mobilize, the enterprise in the capital, land, raw materials, equipment and material factors such as information can realize its true value. Although the popularity of robots and computers will instead of part of people's work, but the proportion of knowledge workers subsequently heighten is a well-known fact Meng Li: From my perspective of view, I think OB is a subject that focuses on management by studying people’s psychology needs. Just as the author says, it’s all about people. I agree with Steve Jobs’ way of doing business- developing innovative products by hiring the right people for the job and fostering a culture of hard work and creativity. The reason is because people, rather than money are the most valuable resource of a company. About the survey method, I think the response scale given in the example doesn’t make sense because when you set an odd response scale, people tend to choose the option with neutral answer. I remember when I did the survey on my paper about consumers’ confidence towards Chinese milk powder market, I set an response scale with an neutral option, it turned out that I got many vague answers which affected the accuracy of the result of regression analysis. Shuo Qi: The definition of OB does make sense because we should understand what we learn firstly, and then we can learn it clearly and correctly. And through the definition, I know that OB is linked to both individual and group, both psychology and sociology. However, the part of learning style does not make sense for me, I still can't understand what style I am through the online quiz, so I am not sure what recommendations I should take. Xiaoming He: Three critical levels of OB it matters because it is all about things you care, employers care and organization care about OB. These are matters because it can Help strengthen...
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