Organization Behavior Case

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How to manage teams successfully in the workplace
In my opinion to manage teams successfully in the workplace basically should be meet the following 3 step for the team management in the workplace. The 3 elements are Leadership in team, understand the need of teammate, identify the role and behaviors in the team, and recognize the function and the type of your team and to build a trust relationship among the teammate. First of all, to choose the correct function and the type of the team is a very important step, 5 Common types of team (Functional teams, problem solving teams, cross functional teams, self-managed teams and Virtual teams) ,each type of team are having their own function and style. For example the way of the communication, the aim and function of the team like functional teams are mainly focus on some small task of work in every day but in the other hand who work in Problem solving teams, People focus on specific issues, develop potential solutions, and often take action. Cross-functional teams need to handle different type of problem and solve it the same time which is a multi-functional group. Self-managed teams is about the people which is work together to product something new product or service. The last one is Virtual teams that is a type of team that teams need to collaborate each other by information technology while being at different locations. The second is about the team member role and behavior that process is use to communication with the teams identify their work and responsibility. About the oriented roles are going to separate as three types of different way during the team management. (Task-oriented role, Relations-oriented role and Self-oriented role). Task-oriented role which is used to focus on getting the necessary task, or series of tasks, at hand in order to achieve a goal and build up an initiating new ideas, seeking and giving information to coordinating and evaluating the idea among the teammate. Relations-oriented...
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