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I have taken up this project work as a part of my degree in ‘Bachelor of Business Management Course, so to relate the theoretical studies with that of the practical work done in the organization. I have done my project work in the Calicut tile co. In 1879 the Calicut tile co. was incorporated and the circumstance leading to the information of the company is narrated under. The co. was started in 1878 at feroke; the town of clay industries. The founder of the co. was Mr. Soma Sundharan Chettiyar, the great millionaire from Ceylon. And then company was taken over by Mr. V.S. Nadarasa Mudhaliyar from Mr. Soma Sundhara chettiyar. In 1982 the present management takes the co. now there are 8 partners for the co. and mainly two partners are managing the co.

* To study the general organizational functions and various department of the company. * To understand the growth of tile industry in India.
* To study the production department and its performance. * To study the performance of the organization.
* To suggest measures for the development of the CTC
A report on the descriptive study conducted at the calicut Tile co., Feroke, Kozhikode is a project work that depends heavily on data collection particularly through observation the source of data are primary and secondary PRIMARY SOURCES

* Observation
* Consolation with the managers of various departments like production, HR etc.

* Report from various departments.
* Report from other external magazines and internet.
* Policy manuals.

* The major constraint was the duration of the study was only 21 days. * Couldn’t spend much time with top executives because of their busy schedule. * Due to absences and hesitation to talk openly by the employees it was difficult to collect accurate data.


Shelter is one of the basic requirements of man. Clay is one of the cheapest raw materials to satisfy this basic requirement of man. For a very long time man has been using clay for building purpose. Clay is basically an administrative mineral with an exclusive property of mould ability in the presence of water embankments etc. After reinforcement with straw, coir, fibers, bamboo, splinters, of woods sharing. It was rather accidental observation that clay when subjected to heating (firing) developed red color along with high strength and stability. Development of this process led to the production of clay products. In South India the German Basel Mission has performed a very important role in developing roofing tile industry or the Mangalore pattern roofing tiles. In the present scenario, roofing tiles have become a vital part of housing construction activity. By the end of 60’s most of the house used roofing tiles fur their houses. The last decade of the century however showed more interest towards concrete roofs and tile market was down, however it again picked up business as decorative tile walls and floor tiles are in great demand now. The Latin word tegula and its French derivative tile mean quite precisely a roof tile of baked clay. The English tile is less precise, for it can in addition be used of any kind of earthenware slab applied to any surface of a building. The word ‘ceramics’ comes from the Greek word ‘keramos’ meaning pottery: it is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning to burn but was primarily used to mean ‘burnt stuff’ The demand for tile is thus improving when compared to the previous years; other clay products are also gaining importance in the market. However some of the tile manufacturing companies have reached saturation stage of its sales. They have to make changes in overall system of production and distribution to...

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