Organ Donation

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Organ Donation Pros and Cons
Organ donation is a noble act that makes a positive difference to the lives of many people by enabling them to lead a longer and a healthful life. Here's a bit about the pros and cons of donating vital organs and tissues of one's body.

Quick Fact
As an organ donor, you can actually save more than one life. In fact, a single donor may make a difference to the lives of about fifty people.

Human organ failure has a long history. Since a long time, people have been suffering and eventually dying because one or more of their organ(s) stopped functioning. The advent of the concept of organ transplantation came as an important breakthrough in the medical field, in the 20th century. The idea behind organ donation and transplant is simple. A healthy organ (such as heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and intestines) or a tissue (such as bones and bone marrow, veins, cornea, heart valves, tendons, and skin) is removed from the body of the donor, living or dead, and is transplanted in that of the recipient. Such a surgery imparts a second chance to the recipient to lead a healthy life.

People may have many doubts regarding organ donation. While a person may wish to donate organs, his/her religious beliefs or family may contradict the same. However, the fact is that a selfless action like this, though controversial, can tilt the balance of life and death in favor of a person in need. Therefore, it is very essential to know and understand the pros and cons of donating organs, before one opts to do so.

Pros of Organ Donation

People have many fallacies regarding organ donation, which stem due to lack of awareness. Organ donation has numerous benefits, and some of them are very obvious.

Social Responsibility

One has a social responsibility to do something for the betterment of the society in return of what he/she receives. Donating organs to the people in need and enabling them to survive is a good way by which one can serve the society. This way, one also helps humanity to a great extent. Moreover, the act of donating organs also ensures that a part of the donor stays alive (in someone else's body) even after his/her death.

Helps the Families of the Deceased to Overcome Grief

When a loved one dies, the grief-struck family attempts to do everything that can help them overcome their sorrow. Some of them might resort to making charity to the poor and needy on behalf of the deceased, while some others may decide unanimously, to donate the organs of the deceased and to gift a healthy and a productive life to a person in need. Though it doesn't take away the pain of the loss, the very thought that somebody is able to live a comfortable life with the help of the heart or the eyes of one's loved one, is very satisfying. 

Imparts a New Hope to Live a Fruitful Life

Organ donation gives a new ray of hope to the recipients. The recipients are patients suffering from dysfunctional or failed organs/tissues. A sheer gesture of donating one's healthy organs to such patients would give them a chance to live a healthy life for the second time. While some might be able to see after an eye transplant, some others might actually be able to live after, say a heart transplant.

Improves the Quality of Life

Transplanting healthy organs from the body of one person to that of the other also helps to a great extent to improve and enhance the quality of life of the recipient. This can be best witnessed in case of patients who suffer from kidney disturbance or failure. In order to live, they have to depend completely on kidney dialysis, and external artificial replacement for the function performed by the kidneys. The process is not only time-consuming and repetitive, but is also extremely expensive. A kidney transplant means a completely new and a healthy kidney in the patient's body. This enables the patient to return to his/her normal routine, wherein he/she does not have to depend on...
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