Persuasive Speech On Organ Donation

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My name is Bria Kimbrough and today my topic is on should ethics or technology dictate medical advancements and my specific area of expertise is organ donation.

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A little bit of background about organ donation is in 1954 on December 23 the first full transplantation was the kidney. Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume at Brigham Hospital in Boston led the procedure. The kidney was removed from Ronald Herrick and transplanted into his identical twin brother Richard Herrick.

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Myths about organ donation is some people hesitate to become organ donors because a lot of people say doctors wont try as hard to save you if they find out you’re an organ donor so they can harvest your organs and use them for people who need transplants. Many doctors have denied this claim saying that it defeats the purpose. Why would you risk someone else’s life to save someone else, it...

It legalizes the reuse of unused organs from donors who are pronounced brain dead.

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Solutions. Most of the world is pretty much very accepting of organ donation. A solution to the controversial topic is for each country and their own government to hold votes to determine whether or not organ donations should be allowed based on ethics, beliefs and morality.

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And my conclusion is I particularly don’t have a problem with organ donation, if you aren’t using the organs why not help someone else so they can have a second chance at life. I believe in recycling so why shouldn't someone have another opportunity to live. As long as the proper consent issued there shouldn't be any problems. Also I feel as though organ donation does not disturb any ethic beliefs because it is a chance for some people to live healthily again. To answer the topic question ethics provide boundaries so we won’t go too far with our medical advancements so they should dictate to a certain...
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