Operation Quality Management

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Four season hotel is the hotel which has top of the quality service among the entire famous hotel. Besides that, four season hotel also won a lot of an award due to their quality of service. However, four season hotel can be success also can be due to their golden rule which make sure the hotel staff to treat the hotel guests with courtesy and intelligence. Besides that, the golden rule also was meant to the employers which also treat the employees fairly and also treat them in humanity. This golden rule make the hotel become one of the most successful hotel in their service quality. These service qualities are the main important thing that causes the hotel became successful and famous among the entire hotel in the world. Not only have that, four season hotel also succeeded when they making decision based on a clear understanding on the way they do (Slack, Chambers and Johnston 2004). Moreover, Garvin (1987) state that to achieve a good quality, the manager need to have a clear strategy of quality and put the quality strategy into the manageable parts. Besides that, the eight dimension of quality can be view as a strategic analysis of quality and a product rank can be seen in one of the dimension or even more than one dimension Instead of that, there is a lot of company which having a good service quality will also improving the financial of a company (Kano et al, 1983). We can see the reason that Four Season Hotel can be built around the world.

However, there is not all the company that precedes the customer first policy. There is a restaurant which located at New York did not apply the customer first theory in the restaurant. Tea and sympathy restaurant is an exception which they are more care about their workers than the customers. The waitress at tea and sympathy restaurant are always more important than the customers cause of the Nicky rules make sure all the peoples are treating as the same way. So, in the restaurant, there is no one gets any special treatment no matter how famous is the person. Besides that, the customer has to treat the waitress in kind way and rudeness will not be tolerated to the customer. This issue already shown that the management putting employee first is the indirect way because they trusts that employees need are the primary focus for helping the grow of the company. This is because by putting the employee first and customer second can create maximum value for customers (Nayar, 2010). Moreover, paying more attention on value-creating employees is the best way to build profitable and sustainable relationships with customers. Besides that, Southwest Airlines Vice President (cited by Mader, 2008) mentioned that happy employees will always take good care of the customers. So, the employers should be manage to make sure have to satisfied employees need so that they can provide satisfaction from the customers.

Furthermore, it can be seen that four season hotels and restaurant tea and sympathy are successful in applying their own style of quality. Moreover, four season hotel are good in their quality of service which is the user-based approach in the managerial perspective. Kelemen (2003) has been mention that the user-based approach is a perspective on quality of a good service to satisfy the customers need. Moreover, he mentioned that some of the quality gurus such like Shewart, Juran and Feigenbaum show that the important of the customer needs of a quality product. However, Kelemen (2003) also state that the customers judging the quality of a service sometimes are difficult to judge. When customers feel the quality of service of an organisation is good and then the customers will satisfy on a service. On the other hand, Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (1988) also had mentioned that quality service is a quality that hard to be measure unlike the quality of an object which can be measured by it durability, performance and other else. So, the SERVQUAL instrument that introduce by Parasuraman...
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