Four Season Case Questions

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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Floretta Johnson
October 20,2010

Case Assignment Questions

1. What distinguishes the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts chain in the marketplace? Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts motto and vision statement of “treat others the way you would have them treat you” set the hotel in an advantage point above the other chain. The hotel only hires people that fit in with their vision. They interview all of their employees before they are hired. Four Season Hotel chain is a mid size hotel chain that caters to the high end consumers. The hotels usually have 300 rooms or less, and the service is exceptional. The staffs are always interviewed by upper management; this makes them feel that they are very important. The turnover rate is much lower at the Four Seasons than at other luxury hotels. If the employees are treated right then they will treat the consumers the way they are treated. Information is shared with the various managers and properties. Every staff member is in charge of customer services, this is done to make sure that the customer is treated right. Incentives and bonuses are above normal, and the opportunities for advancements are great. Their consistency in treating others with respect and doing it in and excellent manner distinguish them above the competitors.

2. How does Four Seasons deliver service in their properties around the world?

Four Seasons believes that “there are things that have to be the same at all properties and there are things that have to be different based on the culture of the area the hotel is located in. Technology is used only as a complement to human interactions. If an email is sent a voice telephone called is used as a follow-up. During the time when Four Season visits their different properties, they will have dinner with the top level people and will greet everyone on duty in the ballroom. Training is done in sensitivity to make sure all guest are treated right according to their...
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