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Successful perseverance begins and ends with a good personal development plan. It is the process of strengthening the personal inner core to the point of able to stand strong in the face of adversity. Knowing the formula is a great place to start, but even with the knowledge many people fail. Success does not happen because of what one do or know. It happens because of the person one become. National Book Store is the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines with 128 branches in the country. It opened its first overseas branch, in Hong Kong, in September 2007. National Book Store is a joint venture of retail giants SM Prime Holdings (75%) and Ayala Corporation (25%). Robinsons Land Corporation and Megaworld Corporation exited the twenty year-old National Book Store retail joint venture on 1 January 2010.

In a span of five years, Ernst & Young bestowed the second Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines award to National Book Store’s founder and chairman, Mrs. Socorro C. Ramos. This prestigious award is bestowed to an individual that best embodies entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, community/global impact, innovation, and personal integrity/influence. The award is presented annually in more than 125 cities in 40 countries worldwide. Hard work, perseverance and a keen sense of entrepreneurship may be attributed to her success. Winning the award is a true testament to Mrs. Ramos’ dedication and innate passion to her life’s purpose. It was a defining moment in National Book Store’s history and one that would surely fire the flames for the future generation to carry on the company’s legacy.

With the observations achieved by the reports the following are the approaches that were used to in this operation analysis for the mentioned company. PLANT LAYOUT
As the yuletide season is continues to fill the air, most business adapt this time frame in stores. At such this is also the time sales hit their highest so mostly Christmas decors and merchandises are put in the front and middle of the store. This strategy helps the store to attract more customers. Products that are in demand are either put on sale or discounts. There are also stalls where in readymade gifts are put into display and surely will catch the attention of the buyer.

An innovative sale, or limited time offer as observed, is a great way to kick start sales and get results immediately. Adapting marketing strategies at Christmas is important to take advantage of the profits to be made in this busy period.

The store layout is strategically designed that any office or school supply needs are easy to find and purchase. There are indications in which place customers may find the items that they specifically seek. Being a book store, most of their merchandise is stacked based on their genres. Books that are in trend are put up front in their special booths. However with the wide range of selection, it takes a while for these booths to be updated and for the books to be changed.

The National Book store does not only house to the sale of books and other references. One of the other services of the store is gift-wrapping. While this is a tedious task, rest assured that wrapping will be highly appreciated. As presentation is high matter the shop reassures its customers that the entire procedure would not tarnish the quality. In a matter of short period, any saleslady will be able to satisfy the customers’ likes. The materials and tools needed are placed near the worker for them to work in an efficient manner. As seen in the next pictures, the customer may choose freely from the design and let the worker do the tasks all in one place. With this system, delay and waiting time are lessened. A growth in the number of patrons may also be observed in time.

With the general idea, “the best way to handle is not to handle it”, most products suffer from human...
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