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online schooling

By sweett28 Apr 27, 2014 883 Words
Due to advancement of technology educational system have developed and created various educational methods. In our day’s education can be acquired through several ways such as attending university, online learning, self-study, or hiring independent tutor. But the traditional education and online education seems to be more prominent and beneficial. Although both of them have similarities such as study program and evaluation, differences in cost, location, and communication of traditional school make it more beneficial to acquire education. Both, online and traditional education use same level of study programs. In both studies teachers encourage students to acquire higher knowledge. For example, the regular school teacher urge scholar to participate actively or do assignments and projects, just as online education scholars are obliged to. Professors, assist students with their assignments and discuss with them about other issues in both educations whether it is online or regular ("Similarities," 29). Teachers in traditional education as well as online education implement same teaching styles. That is to say, both systems require teachers ought to set assignments for students and anticipate from them completion of tasks. To add, traditional education students undergo exams face-to-face styles same as in online education scholars carry face-to-face exams. Also, reference materials are given in both schools and students follow these materials. Lastly, professor’s participation is important in both studies and require from them appropriate level of knowledge. Thus both educational systems use the same method of teaching. Not only teaching is same between online and regular education but student’s evaluation is also the same. Students in both educations required to perform their best and attend classes to get higher grades. They must get ready for the next class and review what was given for the homework. Whether it is online or traditional school students are graded according to their performances. Teachers to evaluate students in both systems usually refer to scholar’s participation, assignments, and team projects. To add, online education and traditional education use the same method of evaluation such as A, B, C, D and F. Moreover, students in both educations are given feedback by professor to improve knowledge and get higher results from studies (Haffner, 2005). Online teachers propose students with feedbacks that students could review and correct their mistakes. Same method is used in traditional education where professor gives feedback every class and scholars at home review those mistakes and correct them. One of differences between traditional and online education is price. There is a big gap between price of traditional and online school. Online education is much more expensive compared to traditional school and not all families can afford online education for their children. Whereas the cost traditional school is quite applicable for all classes of families who want to provide enlightenment for their offspring. In addition to this, weekly print outs are provided for free in regular school while in online school students are required to purchase e-books through internet. For example, 120-credit Bachelor’s degree in traditional school cost around $15,000 whereas online school proposes same level of degree for $45,000-$50,000 (Sweet, 2010). The cost of traditional school is much lower compared to online school. Online education also requires latest laptops or every student ought to renew his laptop because online applications may be updated and student’s laptop may not work well. While in traditional school student is not required to bring laptop. Therefore the cost of traditional school makes it more profitable. With all of the opportunities available to school learners in trad, online education is not necessary for everyone. Some students may thrive best with interaction and live learning, or they need a particular structure and schedule to manage well. The regular school student can get some advice from several senior students who studies in traditional school. While student socialize with older students at the same time he can increase his knowledge. As it is said two head is better than one. can socialize with student’s off-class time. As we live within society we should know how to interact in society and traditional education is appropriate method to learn fundamentals of socialization. Having team work in class means meet new people, and learn new cultures and backgrounds. Lastly, experience plays a major role in traditional education. In online education students cannot have ability to gain experience; they are only has to study but cannot implement to the reality what they have been learning. While in class students have opportunity to obtain new experiences and use them for future. Students in school can use what they learned in classes such as voluntary work or activeness. Attending school, students know that they will encounter new experiences and that they can learn something from that experience. Students also can learn various manners by observing people in class and gain experience of what is good and bad. Whereas in online education students only able to teacher and desktop which means as if they are meeting relative in prison through window. This may affect student’s social view about the world and can become alienated. In conclusion, both education systems are beneficial on their own with similarities such as study curriculum and amusement, still traditional education in guiding students to right way, interacting with them effectively and creating new experiences makes it more appropriate to choose study place

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