Online Reservation System Analysis

Topics: Customer, Indian reservation, Accra Pages: 4 (982 words) Published: October 9, 2015

Online Reservation system simply involves the delivery of information, services or recording and taking details of customers by the use of electronic means such as the internet and online reservation facility that allows members to enquire and book facilities within the theatre hall. The online reservation system will also provide an opportunity for customers to check the available of these facilities on daily bases and allow them to make payment for their booking in case the theatre hall is closed during non operational hours. The current reservation system used by the theatre hall is over based and the receptionist on duty administrates this system as booking are made. The system will also need to provide a function for...

The theatre is located in the Victoriaborg district of Accra. The theatre hall also have good facilities, spacious and comfortable halls with quality services such as luxurious fully air conditioned rooms designed to make the customers feel good and relaxed. During my analysis with one of the staff in the National theatre, I found out that the National theatre has a very big customers in flow, which has resulted to improper record keeping and challenges facing the existing system. The manual bookings does not have a fixed number of customer records, where the staff and admin cannot update customer records and also updating and taking tracks of facilities in the halls is also another...

This will grant accurate information on all reservations made by customers and also provide an avenue to store customer details and information for easier search and referencing.
* To produce an efficient system which can effectively manage the customers and the administration together, by bridging any gap between them.
* To generate accurate reports in terms of all daily transactions which can be used to monitor the performance of the staff, and also be used to resolve any complication and mis information with customers.
This online system will be strictly meant for used by and for the National theatre, Accra, Ghana. And can only be used by users within Accra, Ghana. These users are individuals who want to obtain enquirement, detailed information about the National theatre, and most of all, those who want to carry out their events or ceremonies in any of the available halls of the National theatre, Accra, Ghana. These users must first be connected to the internet, and then get registered into this system, in order to be issued a pass which will enable them get full access of information about the National theatre, when logged in into this system. Apart from these conditions, every other access will be considered unauthorized, and will be declined...
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