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was established in 2010 by Mr. Lino Dave and his wife Carolyn Dave, the resort is located at Kaypian Road, City of San Jose del Monte Bulacan. The Resort offers different amenities such as CAMPING, FIRING RANGE, FISH, and SWIMMING with an approximate size of 75hectares. There are two pools; for adult and children, 6 different types of cottages. Camping site is 1500 sqm. 4 fish pond with relative sizes ranging from 300 sqm. – 1000 sqm. and a Firing Range the last two amenities mention were just an additional attraction of the resort. After just few years that has been built, to provide customer satisfaction Villa Antonio is now expanding its amenities as it is not only a resort but also a leisure farm, they are now starting to build two other attractions; the Mini Zoo, and the Zip Line. Villa Antonio de Dave Resort and Leisure Farm is committed in providing quality service without compromising health, safety, and environment.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
1.1.1 General Problem
How to design and develop an Online Reservation with Billing System for VILLA ANTONIO DE DAVE RESORT AND LEISURE FARM?

Up to now, VILLA ANTONIO DE DAVE RESORT AND LEISURE FARM’s reservation uses manual process in acquiring information as well as reservation. They are using Logbook in order to track and monitor the customers’ reservation. The present method can be considered time consuming and inconsistent in terms of policies and the promotion of the resort is an old method. Generating and tallying of reports is done manually; this kind of tallying may not be accurate and time consuming.

1.1.2 Specific Problem
1. How to design and develop a module that will cater Customers’ Reservation faster and easier? The resort’s current method is only using a logbook as storage for the records of the acquired customers’ reservation including the information of customers where in order for the customer to place a reservation is...
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