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Chapter 1
Background of the Study


People from today are living in a world where things are always in an instant. They tend to live on a very busy lifestyle that sometimes leads to skipping on preparing tarpaulins or banners for their special events that are approaching.

Tarpaulins are commonly used by people who are celebrating special events on their lives. They have this during birthdays, weddings, christening Christmas and among other. From the manual system, the customers will have to personally go to the company and give all the things that are needed for the tarpaulin. But the problem is that most of the people don’t have much time to go to the company, which causes them to skip on having tarpaulins/banners on the event. But if there is a website of the company that enables the user to select a template, upload a picture and create design. This is great help for them because accessing the website only cost them a little of their time which enables them to send their orders to the company given with the price they have to pay. Same goes to those who are rushing for tarpaulins, time is much more valuable for them so the website help them the most with the less time consumed to send in orders and to know the price of their orders.

Online Tarpaulin Virtual Design is a website that will help people to have their tarpaulins. Just by going to the website of the company, The customers have the ability to send a picture if they are already done with the design, choose template from the given designs and customize which enables customers to have their own unique design of their tarpaulins. Using this system to have their tarpaulin, time is not much be a problem because when they access this website they will be able send their orders even at home. The Online Tarpaulin Virtual Design give the customers three options on sending their orders; one is the uploading of picture if the design is already done, second is choosing of template and sending of other details if the customer want the company to design it, and the third option is to customize of design which enables the customer to design their own tarpaulin from the given object design of the website. Using this website, the customer will also see the price of their tarpaulin depending on its size. And by using G-cash, the customer will also have to pay the 50% of their orders in an instant and saving rather than going to the company personally.

Objectives of the Study
The general objective of the study is to develop an online tarpaulin virtual design wherein the customer can have an easy way of uploading and sending of information they want to the printing company. Specifically, the study aims to:

1.Create an interface for the Customer, Staff and Admin of the system.
Customer has the users account, upload of picture; provide a link of how to avail a Globe G-Cash.
For the account of Staff, it has a button for view members, view orders, Add Trace Number and Email notification.
For the Admin, it has an account to provide a user`s account for staff, a button for viewing of staff and customer information, Delete Staff button and Update of design and templates. 2.Test the completed system’s capability, evaluate its performance and check its basic functions.

Scope and Delimitation
By visiting the website of the tarpaulin virtual design, the customer has to register for an account and login to be able to use the system. The customer choose from the given links if he want to upload a picture if it is ready for printing, sending of information if he want to use the templates that are available on the website and customize if he/she wants to make his new design. After that, the customer then choose on how big the size of the tarpaulin he wants and how many copies are to be printed given with the price of the tarpaulin in per square foot unit. The customer now is able to send his picture that...
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