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DECO1400 Web Design: Assignment 1| April 12
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Executive Summary:
I have been given the task to design a web based personal portfolio of myself aimed at potential employers. The website functions as an online resume for employers to view at their leisure. It will have number of pages containing data that would be sought after by employers. The webpage must be designed in a way that would appeal to employers in the field I wish to be hired in. I have chosen to advertise myself as a student studying to be a software engineer. Goals

The planned website must be at least five pages in length, must be designed to accommodate my target audience being possible employers, must have a consistent and appropriate structure and should have an appropriate and pleasing visual design. Implementation is not necessary for this project. In order to best suit the planned website to the target audience I plan to make two personas of possible employers and from them four scenarios, the task only requires one persona and two scenarios but I believe that one is not enough to cover all potential employers. In order to make possible implementation successful the content of the website must be outlined, organised, categorised and properly structured. Along with the organised content a series of wire frames will be made displaying the physical layout of the website as well as the location of the content within the pages. Accompanying the wire frames a series of screen mock ups will be supplied displaying a potential style to be used. These will come with a style guide detailing features in the mock ups. Audience:

Analysing my target audience is the most important element in creating a successful webpage. A proper analysis can result in features of the webpage that will successfully entice my target audience, being potential employers, to properly browse the webpage. A good way to analyse a target audience is through the creation of personas. A persona is the profile of an imaginary person that displays thee characteristics common to a target audience. Below are two personas with two scenarios each.

Persona 1:
Mark – Founder of a new software company
“I am looking to build up my software company”
Mark Hayward is a young entrepreneur looking to build his software company “Sansoft”, a company started by Mark and a few of his friends from University. He is looking to hire some more people to expand his company. Name: Mark Hayward

Type: Intelligent and Ambitious
Role: Founder of his Software Company
Key Characteristics:
* Male
* Age 26
* Full Time
* Upper – Middle class
* Intelligent
* Interested in software
* Organised
* Motivated
* Ambitious
* Young

* Expand his company
* Create innovative products
* Become a major player in IT
* A fierce interest in software
* A need for accomplishment
1. Mark is looking for a few University students studying IT to hire as armature software engineers in order to expand his software company. Upon a quick web search he sees a link to my online portfolio. Upon browsing the webpage he sends me an e-mail offering me an interview. 2. I hear Marks Software Company is hiring armature software engineers, I find his e-mail address and send him an e-mail with a link to my online portfolio. He sees my e-mail and follows the link. After browsing the webpage he sends me an email offering me an interview.

Persona 2:
Shane – Employment manager at Code Valley
“I manage employment for the software company Code Valley” Shane Mason is the employment manager at Code Valley. He searches for potential employees for the company and puts them through the interview process. Name: Shane Mason

Type: Office worker, middle aged
Role: Employment manager
Key Characteristics:
* Male
* Age 45
* Full Time
* Upper-Middle class
* Steady life...
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