Online Library Management System

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1. Introduction:
Detailed design starts after the system phase and system has been certified through the review. The goal of this phase is to develop internal logic of each of the modules identified during system design In the system design, the focus is an identifying the modules, whereas during the detailed design the focus is on designing the logic for the modules. In other words in system design attention is on what components are needed, while in the detailed design how the component can be implemented in the software is the issue. The design process for software system has two events. At the first level focus is on deciding which modules are needed for the system, the specification of these modules and how the modules should be interconnected. This is called system design or top level design. In the specification of the module can be satisfied is decided. This design level is often called detailed design or logic design, because the detailed design is extension of system design, system design controls the major structural characteristics of the system. The system design has a major impact testability and modifiability of a system and impacts its efficiency much of the design efforts for the designing software are spent creating the system design.

2. Applicable documents:
The detailed design refers the system documents hence the first application documents here is system design, also we are referring the data structure. Hence second application document here is database design 3. Structure of software package:

The software package consists of following functional components. * Functional component 1: Registration.
* Functional component 2: Book issue.
* Functional component 3: Book return.
* Functional component 4: Search/view book details.
* Functional component 5: Update book details.
* Functional component 6: Payment (Fine).

3.1 Structure charts:
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