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Service Request

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Riordan Manufacturing’s Application Architecture and Process Design:-

Riordan has designed an application using the systems development life cycle. By using this cycle the process will follow several different stages that gather design requirements, testing, and other valuable information. I have created a design process diagram that will break down the roles and requirements for the operations of Riordan. The Process and design identifies the processes and the roles that are involved. Processes represent the operations performed by the system. Entities represent all the information sources of the system. We represent the entities and the processes in the data flow diagrams, DFD. While designing the DFD’s we increase the level of detail with each level. At each level the process divides into sub-processes until indivisible sub-processes are reached. Here is an example.

Data Diagram Flow 1:

The information system comprises for Riordan Manufacturing is comprised of:

• Customers
• Employees
• Manager


Customers are the people that purchase items sold by Riordan and will give their orders to a Riordan employee or manager to fulfil.


The employees work for Riordan in many roles like servicing, manufacturing and selling products. The employees will play a large role in this design.


Manager positions have to deal with many more issues for Riordan. Some of the responsibilities of a manager include making sure productivity is at its best with all employees and making sure the company is being as profitable as possible with sales and customer satisfaction.



Sales and finance are critical to the production of Riordan. HR needs to be able to communicate and support information that Sales and Finance needs.


The sales team has a direct correlation with the customer and managers. When the...

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