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Bookstore Project Requirements
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*****Under Construction******
Create a mini-application that represents an bookstore's inventory, and which can be used to do the following: - Add a book (should store title, author, and initial number of copies in stock, at a minimum) - Output a list of books and the number of copies in the store - Create an order for one or more books, which automatically decrements the number of copies of the books in stock - Output a list of all books that have been sold (via orders), with a total number of copies sold for each book - Output a list of all books that have never been ordered.

This is a very simple book inventory demo application with no security(Authentication,Permissions,Session). Its like a virtual book store where a user can view,list,add,edit and delete books, It can also process simple order for one or more books.

and in the end show a basic report of sold and unsold books. Description:
The default or start page is a view(index.ctp) which shows all the books in the database. There are links to [1] Add a Book, [2] view Sold Books, [3] view Available Books [4] view UnSold Books, [5] view Book Info, [6]Order Book, [7] Delete Book, [8] Edit Book.

[1] Add Book: To add a book in inventory
Once clicked, a form comes up with three fields(Title,Author and quantity) used to add a book. Quantity shows how many books are present in inventory. There are basic validations like fields cannot be empty and quantity should be a positive number, unless satisfied it can not be saved. [2] Sold Books: To see number copies of books sold.

[3] UnSold Books: To see number copies of books NOT sold.
[4] Available Books: Show list of books which have quantity greater than 0 [5] View Book: Click on the book title to see basic information about a book, including number of sold copies. [6] Order Book: To create an order, submit the form by selecting the quantity greater than 0. Once...
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