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One Love

By PandaKecik Aug 28, 2013 1384 Words
La Mémoire de I’amour

Under the dark starry sky, there was a cunning guy stands motionless. “Finally I had found the last ingredient needed in my potion. With this potion I shall conquer the world! Ha! Ha! Ha!” He smirked and laughed demonically. He gazed to the stars above and vanished nowhere.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Breamu Elluandos, a beautiful princess named Ellenna Eclarhh was truly, madly, deeply in love with Prince Velte Archimesis from the Kingdom of Hisa. Once, their love was forbid as they were not from the same tribe. Princess Ellenna came from the Cruésee tribe while Prince Velte came from the Démonee tribe. However, due to the power of their one true love, both the prince and princess dare to fight for their rights. They were willing to do anything even it cost their own lives just to show how passionate their love was. Nobody has heart to see the lovely couple live in full of sadness and solemn atmosphere. Thus, Princess Ellenna’s parents and Prince Velte’s parents decided to bless their love and let them be one till the end of time. Thus, Prince Velte and Princess Ellenna planned to get married in the mean time. There was no need for them to hesitate.

It was a halcyon day when Prince Velte asked his beloved one to have their dinner at his magnificent castle. Princess Ellenna was a little bit reluctant to go there by her own, without Prince Velte by her side. She was afraid of any bad thing that might be happened but Prince Velte convinced her not to worry and have faith on him. He sent a group of palanquin bearers to fetch the princess. By evening, the palanquin bearers arrived at the Kingdom of Breamu Elluandos and ready to bring the princess to the Kingdom of Hisa. At the first glance, Princess Ellenna was suspicious with the palanquin bearers as they were not the same person she ever saw before this every time Prince Velte asked them to fetch her. Besides, the palanquin was also not the same as always. There was a bit difference in its color, decoration and even the Hisa’s royalty emblem. But she was sure that was the palanquin bearer that Prince Velte had sent. So she rides it although she could sense danger awaited for her.

On the way, Princess Ellenna felt like it was not the same journey to the Kingdom of Hisa so she reached her head out through the window of the palanquin. It wasn’t the road to the kingdom! Instead the condition outside is gloomy and dim which was very different from the kingdom’s condition. There was thunder everywhere and there was no light to be found nowhere. The palanquin was heading to a castle on the hill. The Princess was surprised when she saw skeleton who become the palanquin bearer! She became frightened and praying that somebody would help her get out from the palanquin bearer before she arrived at the dreaded castle. As she expected, there were no one to rescue her. In a blink of a time, the palanquin arrived at the castle.

The Princess refused to get down from the palanquin although the palanquin had stop. She heard footsteps coming towards her and she tried hard to keep calm but she can’t. The footsteps stopped. Suddenly, there was someone looked directly at her; face to face from the window of the palanquin. She faint instantly. When she opened her eyes, she saw a tall man wearing a black robe with a hood that covers his head. Princess Ellenna can’t see the man’s face clearly, but there was a scar on the man’s cheek which made Princess Ellenna recognizes the man. It was the evil magician whom his father always told her to be careful of since she was a child. She became more frightened and started to cry.

However, at the Kingdom of Hisa, Prince Velte waited for Princess Ellenna patiently. He was worried as the journey that took her to his place was longer than before. It had been more than 5 hours yet the journey should take 2 hours only. Prince Velte ordered his assistant, Mercillia Lovea to trace where could Princess Ellenna be. He was thunderstruck when Mercillia told him that Princess Ellenna was way too far from the Kingdom of Hisa. She was at Astaza Eira, a cursed hill and no one dares to go there since there was nothing shall wait for them apart of death. He had no idea how Princess Ellenna could be there. Without wasting any second, he went there by his own though Mercillia tried to stop him as she knew that something really bad was going to be happened. One might lose his life.

Princess Ellenna was crying to her heart content. Being part of a forbidden dark magic ritual was never crossed in her mind. She did not expect that her blood was part on the mixture needed in a potion. That’s the main reason why she had been kidnapped by the evil magician. As the magician was about to take her life, Prince Velte arrived and stopped him. Prince Velte was full with anger. He took his sword out, and ready to have a battle with the magician. It was a battle between a swordsman and a magician. The magician, named Errillium Vassetti just smiled while chanting a spell. All of sudden, Prince Velte was hardly to breath and can see nothing. Darkness surrounded him. He tried to remain calm as that’s the only way to fight magic. He closed his eyes and raised his sword. Blood oozed from Errillium’s chest but such thing could not stop him from fight back. He kept chanting spells and attacked Prince Velte non-stop. Prince Velte fell to the ground as he could not stand it anymore. Errillium walked slowly to him. He was about to finish the battle and it seems victory was on his side.

Nevertheless, Prince Velte stared deeply to Errillium’s eyes. He chanted something and Errillium looked surprised and frightened. Errillium tried to run away but it was too late. His body turned to dust and vanished throughout the thin air. Prince Velte smiled. He made it. He looked at Princess Ellenna and said that everything will be just fine. She tried to get to his beloved’s arm yet as soon as she reached him, he turned to dust as well as what had happened to Errillium. She was speechless. She was in a great shock. She did not know what to do. Everything was too fast and she could not grasp what had happen. As soon as Prince Velte vanished, she collapsed.

After a fortnight, Princess Ellenna woke up from her long sleep. She looked for her beloved Prince Velte yet it was useless. Mercillia, Prince Velte’s assistant came and explained to her to make things clearer. ‘Lé Mars Ivé Hisa’ was what had been chanted by Prince Velte. It was a Lost level of spell. In order to chant the spell, it cost the chanter’s life. That’s the reason why Prince Velte had the same fate as Errillium. For Prince Velte, that’s the only thing he can do to win the battle. He was willing to do anything for Princess Ellenna. Princess Ellenna burst into tears. She loses control on herself and blames everybody as for what happen. She could not accept her pitiful fate. She even tried to commit suicide yet nothing can be done as life still loves her. By any what, she had to move on and live her life without her one true love.

It had been more than a decade since the day Prince Velte went so far away. Princess Ellenna stands still at the balcony. As she gazes at the sky, she could feel the breeze on her body. She closed her eyes. Amazingly, she could sense someone was hugged her waist and kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes slowly and the feel disappeared. She knew that it was Prince Velte. A tear dropped on her pinkish cheeks. She had been so loyal to Prince Velte and that’s her promise to him. Even death could not make them apart. Their true love will remains until whenever as one.

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