One Chilly Morning

Topics: Olfaction, Sound, Sense Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: October 8, 1999
There is a place where the chill of the morning air cuts through a person like a knife. To stand up would take every muscle of the body, but even that would take too much energy. Thus, one sits upon the icy pond called the floor. Is this a dream? Somewhere a voice answers that it is more like a nightmare, so one just makes the most of it.All around the sights and sounds of the morning begin to take affect. Very few people are there in the beginning. They all are in a sleepy haze, yearning to be back in the sweet comforts of their own bed. There they can wrap themselves in a blanket of never ending warmth and dream a never ending dream. In the harsh reality of the morning, they are here in the chilly morning air. There are very few sounds in the twilight of the day. All that one can hear is the buzz of what is the beginning of talking. Far off there is the sound of an early morning basketball game. There the players can hear the cheering of the crowd of a championship ball game in its fourth quarter. Will they win? Who knows?There is an eerie aroma that starts to awaken the senses. In a nearby room there is a fresh, hot pot of coffee brewing. It begins to awaken the senses and the mind, however, one still would rather be at home in bed. A rotten stench begins to take the place of the coffee, but one decides against adventuring to its origin. Ah, the smell of breakfast begins to drift down from the cafeteria. It has the aroma of mom's homemade pancakes and eggs. One begins to yearn to be home for a homemade meal, but they will settle for a bag of cereal that they brought with them.Soon people begin to filter in from the cold outside. Slowly it begins. First, one here, and then one over there. It is the sound of a coming summer's thunderstorm, but in reality it is just students opening their lockers. Soon they scatter about to chat with a friend here and one over there. They then sit upon the icy floor to strive to finish work that's due in...
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