Old World Wine and New World Wine

Topics: Wine, Chardonnay, Terroir Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Wines in the Old and New World
Xuanyu Liu
San Francisco State University

The wines are divided into two categories, the old world wine and the new world wine. When Hugh Johnson came up with his concept of these two worlds, people have started to find out the differences. Wines are beverages of gods, and people enjoy them and have their own understanding of wines. The old world wines are traditional while the new world wines are modern. In this research paper, I will tell the difference(s) between these two worlds’ wines in aspects of their natures, cultures, histories, as well as their developments today.

Keyword: new world wine, old word wine

A movie called Mondovino(2004) by Jonathan Nossiter is a documentary on the impact of the globalization on different regions in the world. By switching the lens, the director presents to the world that people who live under the same blue sky but in different places of the Earth have different understanding of wines, and those differences can even lead to fierce conflicts. If people have spent a lot time on the world of wine, they might have been aware of the differences in the wines between the new and old World because when a bottle of wine is produced, the climate, the soil, and the culture of its production place are naturally integrated into it, and only the people who understand the wine can taste the spirit of it. No matter the new world wines or the old world wine we have today, the differences reflect the origin, the development, and the evolution of the wines. In other worlds, the differences are not about competitions between old and new world wines, but the represent of the diversity of wines. It is said that the first person to propose the concept of old and new world wine is a British wine writer named Hugh Johnson. From his literal description, he distinguished the new and old world wine from the location of the producing countries. The ancient European wine producing countries belong to...
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