The Wine Market in Romania

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Romania is an important wine producing European country, which has a long history with many cultural traditions – many of which are related to wine. Wine is considered to be the divine drink, in Romania.

The beginning of viticulture in Romania dates back at least 400 years ago. The legend has it that Dionysos, the god of wine, was born in Thracia, in the region of modern day Romania. Dacia had a wide knowledge of wine. The abundance of grapes and the renowned wine produced by the Daci people was so well known and tempting that the King of Dacia, Burebista, ordered the vineyards to be destroyed as to end the repeated invasions of the migrating populations.

1. Market area

Wine is an alcoholic drink which is consumed on the whole Romanian territory. A specific area or geographical territory cannot be marked out as am region where there are absolutely no consumers or relatively no consumers. Wine is commercialized on the whole territory of Romania, since before the year 2005. However the commercialization of wine takes place in the most populated areas, in both the rural and urban regions. The rural region in Romania represents about 40% of the total population and is specialized in natural economy, where the producers are also the consumers. Here wine is produced in household conditions, barrel wine or table wine, which in terms of quality, taste and fragrance is not far behind from the one know as “quality wine”. In the urban regions, wine is sold in glass bottles or other forms of packaging.

The total sales of wine in the Romanian counties, in the year 2005, litres of wine:

|Alba |10.161.200 |
|Arad |12.528.600 |
|Arges |17.875.200 |
|Bacau |18.806.200 |

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