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What is the Open High School Program (OHSP)

The OHSP is an alternative mode of secondary education that uses distance learning. It caters to learners who are unable to attend the regular class program due to physical impairment , work, financial, distance of home to chool, and other justifiable and legitimate reasons.

The program, therefore, is in consonance with the Education for Al(EFA) goal of making every Filipino functionally literate by 2015. It’s philosophy is based on the provision of Batasang Pangbansa (BP) 232 or the education Act of 1982 “The state shall provide the right of every individual to relevant quality education regardless of sex, age, creed, socio-economic status, physical and mental conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political and other affiliation.”

Since distance learning is it’s ains feature, the program requires that the learner is capable of managing his/her learning. What are the goal and objectives of the OHSP?

The OHSP Is aligned with the School Improvement plan’s (SIP) goal of producing. Functionally literate learner/graduate or one who has a mastery of the basic competencies, capable of problem- solving, and is a productive member of his family and community.

The OHSP as a dropout Reduction Program (DORP) intervention, has the following objectives:

* Provides opportunity to all elementary graduates, high school drop-outs, and successful examinees of the Philippine Educational placement Test (PEPT) to complete secondary education; * Prevents potential school leavers and encourages those who are out of school to finish secondary education; * Reduces high school drop outs and increases participation rate; and * Increase achievement rate through quality distance education.

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